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Review: Svedrena – Härd

by Bart Tomaszewski

Svedrena – Härd

1. Den Arkaiska Rötan
2. Folkets Blod
3. Skuld Och Vita Knogar
4. Fördigen
5. Nidr
6. Tempelhärd
7. Sanndrömmar Om Evigt Lidande
8. Urvedsljuset
9.  Versel
10. Androm Till Skräck Och Varnagel
Label: Carnal Records
Date: August 28, 2020

Well, I think there’s time for some band coming from country I live in since almost eleven years. That’s why we’ll move to west part of Sweden. One of historical provinces located over there is calling Värmland. Well, I think this isn’t very well-known place for the most of Metalheads around the world. You know, there’s no comparison with cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg, I afraid. But it seems also over there are bands who create interesting music.

Svederna is, I’m sure of that, even if don’t know anything about Metal scene in Värmland, one of them. They were born 2012 and “Härd” is their forth (if we’ll count live one released on the beginning of this year, too) full-length. Anyways, I guess this is at least a little shame for me that I never before heard even a word about this horde. Reason probably lays in the fact that I always was more Heavy, Thrash, Death …  Then Black.

By the way, this is classic Black Art we have to do on here. There’s nothing original in that. In my opinion it can be and is a plus of these three Swedish. During ten songs tempo is mostly middle-fast, let’s say. But guys know very well how to speed up and slow down, too. There’s only three guys in the band, so you’ll don’t hear on here any other instruments then guitar, bass and drums. And it’s enough. I somehow don’t like too much keyboards in Metal, just like violin and so on. I’m not any super orthodox who doesn’t accept it at all! Well, I appreciate such things very much and think this is sometimes very good idea, but… You know what I mean. However, if you expect some primitive music with two, maybe three riffs per song then I have to disappoint you strongly. Swedish really think during process of creation and there’s quite a lot of technique on “Härd”. It doesn’t disturb, and somehow even contrary, them to build accurate, dark climate. This is real Black Art, I guess.

As I wrote before I was never very huge fan of Black Metal, even if just love several bands of this genre! I really like what I hear on this CD (well, I have only digital version so far, but will do everything to change this fact!). Well, honestly, more and more with every next listening. That’s why I can recommend this stuff with clean soul to everyone.

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