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Review: Svartblod – The Still Silence of Nature

by Metal Jacket

Svartblod – The Still Silence of Nature

1. Stillness
2. The End of Human Existence
3. Serenity in Darkness
4. Artistry in Madness
5. Den Sløve Ormen
6. Nightfall Silence

Label: Self-released
Date: August 1, 2018

Beside Apotheosis, Beheaded and Thy Legion, I am not so familiar with the metal scene from Malta. Here we have a very young band called Svartblod. In Norwegian that means “Black Blood”, quite a usual name when it comes to black metal, especially underground black metal. There’s not a lot of information about this band on the Internet. They come from Malta, it is a duo and they sing about nature and extinction. Hecate is on drums and bass guitar & Agramon on vocals and guitars.

They are claiming that they are the first raw black metal band from Malta, but as I previously said, I don’t know much about Maltese metal scene, so that is maybe possible for them to be the first raw black metal band down there.

Firstly, we will talk about the visual concept of their first demo. Just black front cover with old English font, written name of the band and name of the EP material. So from that side, band totally failed to bring the atmosphere of their music into visual concept.

Music on this demo is a very very raw black metal with death metal growling type of vocals. Intro and outro are instrumental (1. Stillness / 6. Nightfall Silence) and rest of the songs are written in English. Drums are sorely irritatingly sampled throughout the whole material. Vocals are the usual death metalish growling, nothing more, nothing less, straight forward stuff.

But I would like to emphasize attention on guitar work here. Although they are obviously a very young band, they made quite interesting guitar madness. There is a few riffs on this EP that are good. I believe this band possesses much room for improvement with every next material. If you are into really raw black metal from the very depths of underground metal movement, then this EP is for you in every sense.

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