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Review: Sun Of The Dying – The Earth Is Silent

by Miloš Šebalj

Sun Of The Dying – The Earth Is Silent

1. The Earth Is Silent
2. A Dying Light
3. A Cold Unnamed Fear
4. Orion
5. When the Morning Came
6. Monolith
7. White Skies and Grey Lands

Date: November 29, 2019
Label: AOP Records


All the way from sunny Spain comes a dark cloud, filled with heavy rain to drown whatever hope you’ve got stored in your heart. Weather forecast is far less than promising, as 45 minutes of dull autumn fog is upon us. Hide away your sun screen lotion and delve deep into the beautiful music.

6 years old Spanish sextet, under the banner of Sun Of The Dying, presents their second full length album. As the introduction suggests, I’m dealing with Doom Metal in all its glory. Slow, heavy and drenched in all imaginable sorts of sorrow and despair.

While all that might be true, it is not a complete picture of “The Earth Is Silent”. The music performed by the Spaniards is, in its essence, a Doom Metal work of art. Yet, there are obvious Death Metal influences which are somewhat expected. These are especially noticeable in the faster sections of a couple of songs. Not to mention the hard growling that is nicely interconnected with clean vocals. Speaking of voices gracing the album, you can even catch a glimpse of subtle choral parts. Subtle, yet impossible to miss, since they are doing such a tremendous job that one must remain astounded. Take “Monolith” for best example. At times, Sun Of The Dying is also touching some Black Metal cannons, where they use some well-crafted tremolo lead guitars. The tunes are constantly underlined by keyboards which at times take the lead role, but mostly take the atmosphere of the release to another level where the “regular” Metal instruments cannot reach. Take, for instance, my favorite track “Orion” (no, not the Metallica cover), a beautiful example of an 8 minute long Doom Metal composition where the guitars and keyboards masterfully complement each other.

As a relatively fresh name on the (if you will allow my observation) growing Spanish Doom Metal scene, Sun Of The Dying has shown an impressive level of creativity already on their second studio effort. Not hiding their influences or roots, these guys managed to instill their own footprint on the genre. That fact itself, along with the support of a respectable label with decent promotional skills, should secure them a growing fan base. The rest is entirely up to them. Sun Of The Dying has certainly produced an album they can be proud of. The question remains if they can keep it up on the next release and fully ride on the winds that have carried them thus far. My expectations are high. Absolutely recommended!

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