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Review: Stormrider – What Lies Within

by Ivona Bogner

Stormrider – What Lies Within

1.Rite of Passage (Intro)
2. The Journey Begins
3. Fire and Fury
4. Spirit of the Wind
5. What Lies Within

Label: Independent 
Date: July 27, 2019

Today we travel to Manchester! No, not for football. For metal!

Stormrider is relative young band formed in 2017. Although young, they are very busy and serious about music. In 2018, they have released their debut EP “Heavy Metal Machine”. Than, in July 2019, Stormrider delivered new five tracks EP “What Lies Within”.

So, what lies within? That is the ultimate question? Well, hard rock/heavy metal orientated sound, followed by melodic riffs and suspicious vocals. Suspicious how? For my ears, vocal is too raw and too flat, although at some point Hallford’s influence could be heard. I would add that Hallford’s style little bit more and that would be good enough for my taste. 

There is idea, there is potential, and I hope it will be used as well as possible. Intro “Rite of Passage” at first listening it reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden’s “Dance of Death”. It is solid one that leads us to “The Journey Begins”. And it begins really great with catchy melody but that voice somehow fits better to some other sub genre than to pure heavy metal. Powerful screams are extremely good, but that deep, flat moments should be something to think about. “Fire And Fury” turns to vocal direction I should follow in the future to come. Chorus is easy to remember, great vibe overall. “Spirit of the Wind” has good composition, catchy melody, memorable riff, epic song, I would say, in a range of Iron Maiden. “What Lies Within” left for an end,  this time brings King Diamond’s vocal influence. If they only followed that style, but… Great galloping solo saved the song. Since the song is covered with various vocal layers, I have to write again, than high vocal range suits better to the music Stormrider creates. Note to Mike Coyle: use your gift as best as possible!

Overall, “What Lies Within” isgood album in the shade of evidently good vocal not use on proper way. Practice makes perfection, so if the guys continue working hard, I expect good debut album.


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