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Review: Sten Mol – Final Days EP

by Lukrecija Mesek


Sten Mol – Final Days EP

1. Ancient Astronauts
2. Radioactive Rape
3. Distress Call
4. Nothing

Label: Self-released
Date: June 6, 2020


It’s one of those days where you just don’t wanna get out of bed. In fact, you just wanna sleep through the day, because fuck this day in particular. And this freackin’ rain. Holy shit. I’m done!

Lucky for me, I remembered that I got some new sound to check it out, and maybe offer you a piece of my mind about this new thing. But since is that kind of day, and I’m surprised that it’s not Monday, I will put my middle fingers so high and be freaking rebel and say I dunno shit about this band, so I will use their words to introduce them to you and me.

Sten Mol is a psychedelic stoner rock band from Varaždin, Croatia and it was founded in 2014. In the beginning the band consisted of five members. After a while some band members left which caused a temporary hiatus. With the new drummer on board and without one guitarist, Sten Mol was back as a four member band. Sten Mol always has primary focus on creating new music. Music that has an influence on the band are Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Tool, QOTSA, Black Sabbath and many others.

So far so good. Although, now I’m curious what is going on on this EP. Stoner Rock? That can’t be bad.

EP “Final Days” was recorded and mixed by Marin Kereša in Varaždin in late 2019 and beginning of 2020. All songs are written by Sten Mol, whose members are Hrvoje (lead guitar), Nikola (drums), Luka (bass guitar) and Vinko (vocals/rhythm guitar).

Now finally when we covered some basic knowledge about the band and album it’s time to see what they are all about. So let’s spark it up and chill with Sten Mol.

“Ancient Astronauts” slowly is introducing us to the album and what we can expect from the rest of the songs. Really soothing rhythm that is combined with relaxing melody. Clean vocals are like cherry on top, though could be mixed a bit better with the melody.

With “Radioactive Rape” Sten Mol is bringing us a taste of rage. Vocals in this song are a bit off from the song. Something is just not right. As song is progressing it is fading into some melancholy state, only to build up towards rage again.

“Distress Call” feels like panic. Variations in song are emphasizing this state representation.
And with “Nothing” we are back to mellow melody.

Overall, I like this album. They presented us some great guitar riffs and nice chill melodies. From time to time vocals are out of place, but that could be easy fixed with better mixing.

I will definitely put this album in my collection, and for the guys I only have one thing to say: Rock on!

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