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Review: Snakeyes – Evil Must Die

by Ivona Bogner

Snakeyes – Evil Must Die

1. War Machine
2. The Evil Dead
3. New World Order
4. Lose Control
5. I Am Evil
6. Dead Don’t Ride
7. The Clown and The God
8. Death Stranded
9. Sign of Our Times
10. All Gods Are Dead

Label: Independent
Date: March 28, 2020

I must say I have not been involved in Spanish metal scene at all until I discovered Snakeyes and Vhäldemar. If we consider the fact that Snakeyes is led by Romaniann vocalist Cosmin Aioniţă, than I would say they are international band, although I have never believed in any boundaries, at least if we are talking about the music. Musically speaking, the pillars of Snakeyes are José Pineda and already mentioned Cosmin Aioniţă, who are the main composers and songwriters.

Evil Must Die! Oh how convenient album title in the middle of the chaos called Corona! And even Corona did not force Snakeyes to postpone the new album release.

Evil has no boundaries weather we are talking about wars, diseases, natural disasters, religion… Evil on the third Snakeyes’s album has so many faces. Sakeyes are taking us to a journey through the evil universe that has so many layers and it seems transcends the realm of science fiction in XXI century. Song by song, the band is discovering a new layer of evil.

The album opener “War Machine” starts with BBC announcement: “German radio has just announced that Hitler is dead!”. And the chaos begins! From the first song, we can notice that Cosmin sings more aggressive than on previous releases. If you have ever asked yourself what is the definition of traditional heavy metal, the answer lies not only in this song, but in the whole album. The song is followed by isolation video made by each band member at their homes/studios and glued into a compact product. Here, the bass line stand out.

“The Evil Dead” is also fallowed by, let’s say, a home video. Cosmin Aioniţă, Justi Bala, Jose Pineda and Carlos Delgado once again showed us that Corona can not kill their passion for music. Evil must die, but how can we do it? The ultimate question and whoever finds the answer deserves a Nobel Prize. 

“New World Order” is a phrase I have heard at least a thousand times during Corona quarantine. Whenever I went to take food and medications to grandma and her friends, that one sentence carved into my mind. Are those people prophets or what? Is there any need to explain the message the song brings? Simply, the world is changing, led by greedy politicians. We are witnessing geo-political changes, unfortunately, as silent observers.

“Lose Control” includes more melody, catchy powerful chorus, a guitar solo in Wolf Hoffman’s style. One of my favorites.

From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore. Turning man against his brother until man exists no more. The Book of revelations predicted it all.

Here is the point when I realized why I like this album so much. That narration moments woven into the songs are the perfect touch. “I am Evil” is another song  fallowed by the video and released as the second single in April. Justi Balas’s virtuosity shines here more than in any peace of the album. Besides, song has really good rhythm.

“Dead Don’t Ride” brings melodic parts, few hooks with an accent on chorus is also one of my favorites. The song has anthem potential.

From the start, with no reason (or the reason is obvious), “The Clown and The God” is memorized in my head as “The God Is the Clown”. After scary clowns laugh, drums strike, Cosmin’s roar from the hell, bass line… All together slightly flows to Thrash Metal waters.

“Death Stranded” strikes with beautiful melody, perfect balance between the vocals and the guitar, and, of course memorable chorus.

Strong guitar riffs supporting the main theme and bit more melody than on the rest of the album is what the next song brings. And drums highlight we must not forget “Sign of Our Times”.

The slowest and the longest one on this record, “All Gods Are Dead”, begins and end with gentle drumming, acoustic parts, bell chime, that all together creates very dark and heavy atmosphere. Epic one!

As the music, the art cover has so many layers represented by Leo Traverso-cover follows the album theme.

When European and American influences collide, when skilled and experienced musicians unite, than the result is one fine piece of metal. 

Metal monsters are ready to conquer the world!


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