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Review: Snakebite – Rise Of The Snake

by Ante Topic

Snakebite – Rise Of The Snake

1. Freedom
2. All Your Loving
3. One Touch
4. Run Fast
5. Heroes of the Unknown
6. Two Desperate Hearts
7. Aiming High
8. Beyond the Rust
9. Fields of Glory
10. Devil on the Loose
11. Light My Way

Label: Maniac Attack Records
Date: May 15, 2018

Snakebite, the return of Hardrock: No masquerade – no faking – no compromise!” – as they say about themselves. A bit too optimistic about that ”the return of hard rock” part but who am I to judge, after all, no one would be happier than me if rock is back where it should be.
Anyway, as I am interested in every band of this or similar genre that’s got potential, and Snakebite sure do, I decided to take a listen and see what they’ve got up in their sleeve.

Album starts with ”Freedom”. Can’t say much about it but solid song with straight outta 80’s vibe.

Aah man… Why so early with slower songs? ”One Touch” is a good song with pretty nice chorus but as said, it’s too early.

”All Your Lovin”” is once again good hard rocker. Well, except for the solo, it should have been much better… That’s the weakest part.

I can see the local metalheads stuck in the 80’s headbanging to this one. ”Run Fast” isn’t song for me to be honest but since I’m rocker not speed or thrash metal fan it comes as a no surprise haha. Main riff is backed with the heavy use of double bass pedal which I’m sure will satisfy above mentioned metalheads.

Chorus ”We Are The *insert something*” has become obvious part of newer bands of this or similar genre. ”Heroes Of The Unknown” is no exception. It’s good sing-a-long song but in the sea of this ”call to arms” song it’s hard to stand out.

”Two Desperate Hearts” is definitely the best song on the album. Full Stop. Actually, when I first heard this song it made me want to review this album. You definitely want to hear this one and by the end of it you’ll catch yourself singing the chorus.

”Aiming High” is a fun song but the melody reminds me of some other song, don’t know which though.

”Beyond The Rust” is a typical power ballad, nothing inovative. Once again good chorus.

”Field Of Glory” is another heavier song. It seems to me that the vocalist Dominik Wagner is not as comfortable in heavier songs as he is on the other which are more hard rock.

Next one is ”Devil On The Loose”. It’s a rock n’ roll song but doesn’t fulfill my expectations.

The closing song ”Light My Way” is the second power ballad. It’s not as typical as the previous and for me it probably makes this one better. Love it.

”Rise Of The Snake” is not the best album I’ve heard this year but don’t let it stop you from listening it. It’s good, definitely worth listening. The whole album has got that 80’s feel and reminded me of Dokken among others. I think this album will satisfy people who’re not digging the ”modern” sounding glam or hard rock bands.

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