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Review: Shezmu – A Travers Les Lambleaux

by Bart Tomaszewski

Shezmu – A Travers Les Lambleaux

1. A travers les lambeaux
2. Cérémonie maqgiaue pour la bqtqlle de Meggido
3. Ode a Hathor
4. Interlude – la rage
5 Les secrets de ziggurats
6. L’arrivée des te,ps déchus
7. Lex Tqlionis
Date: 29. VII. 2020.
Label: Krucyator Productions

Montreal is the most populous city of Quebec – the largest province, but not largest administrative district. People over there speak first of all French, first of all This province is very important for whole country from several points of view. One of them and the most interesting for us is of course strong Metal scene, in all its genres, by the way. It’s enough to list on here names such as Voivod, Cryptopsy, Gorguts or Grimoire. But somehow Quebec and in general Canadian scene is threaten a little like exotic one, and surely is in shadow of what happens in the only neighboring country of Canada.

Anyways, one of these younger representatives of Metal community in Montreal is found in 2016 Shezmu. “A Travers…” is their debut full-length released this year by French Krucyator Productions in form of CD. It contains seven songs of something we can call Death Metal. But there’re quite strong touches of Black on here. In lyrics we can see fascination of Egyptian Mythology. So connotation with some American band based in Greenville are clear and strong. Well, musically there’re some differences, as I said before.

Tempo is mostly slow or at least quite slow what doesn’t mean guys don’t know how to speed up and honestly Quebecois don’t avoid it at all. Sound is dirty and quite raw what makes it in some way demonic and generally in Black Art climate. Of course since this is professionally released album, it’s done especially. By the way, I don~t mean here what is Blackened Death Metal today. This is something old school and actually I~m able too listen to something like that not too often. Everything’s developed here and we can notice well technique of all musicians. And here I could, and maybe even should, write few lines about guitar, drums and so on. But I’m too lazy to do it… Hehehehehe… Besides, this isn’t any fuckin’ book I’m writing on here, so… That’s surely similarity between Montreal and Greenville’s residents.

Well, I’ll have to get this stuff on regular CD! And I guess I don’t need to write anything more in this review. Oh… Maybe only that: if you like well played a little demonic Death Metal, this stuff is also for you!

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