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Review: Servant Leader – Raised by Wolves Part 1

by Lukrecija Mesek

Servant Leader – Raised by Wolves Part 1

1.  Daybreak
2. Boundaries
3. August Parade
4. Siamese 
5. That Girl

Label: Leighviathan
Release date: March 14, 2020

Servant Leader is the solo project of Leigh Oates, critically acclaimed vocalist with Xilla, Order of voices, Soldierfield, Rise to Addiction and Ninedenine.

Leigh releases “Raised by Wolves part 1”, and hopefully part 2 will follow soon.

As part of Alternative Metal family, this album fits right in. Why do I say that? Well, I had the opportunity to play this one for my mum. (Mostly because she was spending more time with me than usual during this madness that is still going on in the world.) So, she is kinda new in Metal world and she is noob when it comes to some genres, but as far as I can tell, she really enjoys listening to Alternative Metal (and surprisingly enough, Arch Enemy). There for, when my mum says that something in Metal is good, than you know it’s good. (She wouldn’t listen to it otherwise.)

But let’s break it down anyway.

This album has 5 songs and it was enough to make strong introduction into the scene. Songs are dominated by powerful but soothing voice. Constant variations in songs are making it even more on point. Mixing and mastering of this album was done professionally and each element is on the spot. Everything is tuned perfectly.

This album would be great for introducing new-born metalheads to the metal scene.

My personal favorite is definitely “That Girl”, somehow it reminds me on new glam metal bands. Also, the entire album is perfect for log drives, and maybe for this year summer trip (if we’ll be able to go on one).

This one definitely goes into my library. Hopefully, soon Part 2 will see the light and swipe us off out feet. Rock on!

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