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Review: Serpentshrine – Occultum Exordium

by Bart Tomaszewski

Serpentshrine – Occultum Exordium

1.In the Shadows of Golgotha
2. Black Masses
3. Verdammt
4. Engulfing the Sepulchre
Label: Independent
Date: December 29, 2018

Some time ago I reviewed the debut album of this band from Virginia Beach, United States. It was for another magazine I cooperated with. So I’ll don’t write any biographic facts again. If you’re interested in that, just check out it there (what magazine it is you get to know from my “blue f”). Well, we have to do with EP containing only four songs this time. Well, I’ll never get the difference between digital demo and EP, what is probably strongly connected with my age and stuff like that. But who cares?!?

Anyways, guys went on this stuff more in direction of Black Metal. This is any band I have some automatic connotations with, but still drumming, it takes also sound of this instrument, and first of all vocal are connected just with this sub-genre of our beloved music. In “Engulfing the Sepulchre”, especially in this song, I hear some Swedish legend. However, as I said, this is impossible to name here one or even two bands. There’re of course elements of Death, too. Actually, guitar is more Death then Black, I guess. So riffs are quite broken and you fell this energy, some kind of brutality and so on in them. But this is not everything you find in music of Americans, mentioned above two sub-genres of Metal don’t describe their music completely! There’s a little “strange” playing where you’ll surely recognize influences of some Canadian band from Jonquière, Quebec, too. And even if we have only such fragments and they’re about music, there’s any or minimal touch of that in vocals, I somehow connote it with this earlier creativity of Quebecer (or maybe better to say Québécoise, coz official language of this Canadian province is French).

To be honest I really like this stuff and one of very few, maybe even the only, but huge for me, shortcoming is a format and, as I know, no possibility of getting any physical copy of “Occultum Exordium”. Of course the most important is music here and that’s good one we have possibility to listen to this EP. But I miss in this case feeling of having booklet in my hands… Especially I like cover-art very much – it has right, great climate in my opinion. By the way, stuff is piece of interesting music, so grab this!

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