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Review: Sepultura – Quadra

by Metal Jacket

Sepultura – Quadra

1. Isolation
2. Means to an End
3. Last Time
4. Capital Enslavement
5. Ali
6. Raging Void
7. Guardians of Earth
8. The Pentagram
9. Autem
10. Quadra
11. Agony of Defeat
12. Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering

Label: Nuclear Blast
Date: 2020


Sepultura, one of the biggest names in metal music, has released a new album called Quadra. The name Quadra in Portuguese means part, and guitarist Andreas Kisser himself explained that the concept of the album is based on Quadrivium (four areas of medieval education), as the album is divided into four parts. The first part includes their thrash metal sound, which is especially felt in the introductory song Isolation, which is a worthy classic of Beneath The Remains, Arise, (in which guitarist A. Kisser shows that there are still aces up his sleeve, and drummer Eloy Casagrande, in one word: beast), while Last Time is a purebred death metal on the style of Death.

The next part of the album is based on their distinctive tribal sound during the 90s such as Capital Enslavment, Raging Void, which are in the style of the album Chaos AD, and on the song Guardians Of Earth, Sepultura sends a message about nature conservation in their good, old way . Instrumental stuff like the title track, Quadra, reminded me of acoustic songs like The Abyss or Kaiowas, while the Pentagram had a lots of the sound of Machine Messiah album. I must also mention the song Autem, like it was created for handbanging.

Although the concept of the album is based on the entire career of Sepultura, there are stuff that are not typical such as the symphonic Raging The Void, where frontman Derrick Green showed the diversity of his vocal expression and the eclectic Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering, on which as guest vocal came Emmily Barreto from the stoner rock band Far from Alaska, I would dare to call Sepultura a progressive rather than a typical metal band. All in all, this is a very high quality album worth listening to, I would dare to say that along with Cirith Ungol – Forever Black, this is the metal album of the year. So let’s enjoy in Quadra.

Hrvoje Bubić

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