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REVIEW: Sceptic – Nailed to Ignorance

by Vjeran

Sceptic – Nailed to Ignorance

1. Mind Destroyer 06:12
2. Wolf As a Shepherd 06:16
3. Fate In My Hand 05:04
4. Gaia 06:15
5. Wordbow 05:49
6. All I Can Devour 07:07
7. The Sakkara Bird 04:53
8. InHuman 05:07
9. Nailed To Ignorance 05:54

Release: 2022
Label: Szataniec

Everything is in place with this band and album. Now it’s a bit difficult to explain to the generations that were born from the second half of the nineties, because this band managed to arouse in me almost the same thing that those bands of that time aroused in us. It’s certainly no wonder when you know that this band started in ’94, even though the only original member and leader of the band was only 14 years old at the time.

In a sea of ​​shrill vocals, hearing real grolw again is really refreshing. Despite the dark themes of the lyrics, destruction, disappointment and death, the album still exudes positive energy. Each song can be enough to fill or fulfill the desire for good music, and yet the whole album does not get boring when you listen to it from beginning to end.

The production is moderate and not rushed like a lot of today’s metal albums. The CD digipak is very well made with the lyrics, the only thing I regret is that there are no thanks written by the band members as it used to be written, hahahaha.
Throughout the history of the band, it can be seen that they have had quite a few member changes, I can only say that I hope that they will stay in this combination because you could say that it is a winning one for them.
When you listen to the whole album, you realize that this team loves the legacy of Chuck Shuldiner, but what’s wrong with that, especially when they express it with dignity.

I must admit that it was fun to listen to the instrumental as well. I’m glad that they found a way to not tire the listener but to keep them interested in the song.

And that’s how the last song comes and the same as before and a great growl vocal and then like a thunderbolt out of the blue a clean vocal comes in and it completely freaks me out. I don’t know what to say about him, but I prefer that he is not there than that he is. Listen to the album yourself and judge, because I wouldn’t put it on.

Certainly a very interesting band and if you can, definitely include this album in your collection. Try to get the physical release because it’s well done and you’re helping the band anyway.

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