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Review: Scalped – Manufactured Existence Obsolescence

by Bart Tomaszewski

Scalped – Manufactured Existence Obsolescence

1. Intro – The Tyrants Architecture
2. Cognitive Taxidermy
3. Veneral Social Darvinism
4. Histronic Collapse
5. Egatronic
6 Intro Part II – Indoctrinated Infectedd Awarrness
7. Polytheistic Necromancy
8. Stoic Cataclysm
9. Aphasia
Label: Songs For Satan
Date: 2019

It seems there’s very interesting scene over there in the sixth largest city in Brazil which’s name means: the beauty horizon. Our another four heroes play Death Metal, just like Necrobiotic and Chronic Ashes, but this sub-genre of our beloved music has several faces as well. I know this is just a banal or even trivial truth, but what to do if this sentence sounds so smart? Scalped has quite long experience as a band 0 they were born in 2012 and all the time play in the same line-up. “Manufactured…” is their second full-length released last year of course by Songs For Satan. Before Brazilians attacked the scene with EP (on CD, so in my orthodox opinion it was just a mini-LP) “Psychopath” – 2014, Black Legion Productions and released independently debut album “Synchronicity of Autophagic Hedonism” four years later. Unfortunately I didn’t hear any of them, but as after what they present on just reviewed CD, I need to rectify this error as quickly as possible!

We have with ten not too long and not too short songs (all are about more or less four minutes) where things happen. Guys play intensively and technically. So this kind of Death Metal can be hard to listen to for some people, if you know what I mean. Riffs are very broken and change quite often and we can absolutely notice that Thiago isn’t a mere nobody. We also have several guitar tricks. Marcelo, who, by the way, some time ago joined legendary Sextrash, also do a little “strange” things with his instrument. Drumming is intensive with a lot of tempo changes, passes, using cymbals and so on. The same I can say about Bruno’s bass. Sometimes you can hear it very clearly. Anyways, I somehow have impression he plays with some technique which isn’t very popular in Metal.

Well, it seems this is some kind of my tradition that writing few words about vocals on the end. So, it’ll be just like that also this time as well. Fernando has interesting and, if we can say like that, a little untypical growling. Don’t get me wrong! This is brutal as fuck, deep and so on but… However, everything  on here is brutal and this isn’t any fuckin’ progressive something pretends Death Metal. You know, this huge technique serve to brutality and guys don’t care first of all about this! I personally like this stuff as hell and will return to it as often as I’ll have possibility. Well, there’s really many albums and demos like that, day has only 24 hours, so…

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