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Review: Satan’s Acolytes – The Horns

by Miloš Šebalj
Satan's Acolytes
 Satan's Acolytes

Satan’s Acolytes – The Horns

  1. Arrival
  2. The Cult of the Damned
  3. Calling of the Horde
  4. Hell Is Here Tonight
  5. Metal i Spid
Label: Librarion Records
Date: February 6, 2018

Fast, furious tempos (except in the intro track), aggressive guitar riffs and solos, pounding rhythm section, screaming vocals, everything you can expect from a band like this. Short songs that stick to the point. Catchy choruses perfect to sing-along to. Primitive poetry to celebrate the devil. Some will note Venom influences, some will be reminded of Bathory, maybe Devil Lee Rot, Toxic Holocaust… There are tons of names to be recalled here, so you can forget innovation. It was not the intention of the band in the first place. This EP is just a perfect reminder of where Metal came from!

Label’s attitude aside, this is probably the newcomer of the year! There is no need for genre names here. Satan’s Acolytes are playing Metal with balls! Raw, primitive, dirty, neck-breaking Underground Metal. Smelling of the ‘80s leftovers, first wave Black Metal, early Speed/Thrash, British Punk, hellish Rock ‘n’ Roll… All of this mixed up in almost 20 minutes of “The Horns”.Remember the good old days when labels used to send physical promotional packages? Librarion Records did not send me the promo version, but the actual tape containing the debut EP by Satan’s Acolytes from Serbia. How is that for respecting the press?

Before I close this review (for there is nothing further you need to know about this release, you either love this kind of music, or hate it) I need to say that the tape includes two hidden bonus tracks, covers of Slayer and Toxic Holocaust, that were released as the second EP by Satan’s Acolytes. The production on these songs is a bit poorer, but it doesn’t ruin the general impression.

Oh, I have managed to find a flaw to this release! There is no contact information whatsoever on this tape. No band or label address inside which is almost unforgivable when it comes to the release that comes from the mentioned era of Metal music.

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