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Review: Sangrena – Hunter

by Miloš Šebalj

Sangrena – Hunter

  1. Deceptive Redemption
  2. Reason to Kill
  3. Ambush
  4. Araguaia Terror
  5. Tracker
  6. Killer’s Code
  7. Serra Pelada
  8. Betrayal
  9. 492
  10. The Scape
Label: Darzamadicus Records
Date: October 19, 2017 

Is there a better way to honor your Brazilian roots than playing football, samba or Death Metal? Just kidding, I’m sure Brazilian culture is much more than that. However, we are here to talk about Metal, so let’s keep our focus.

Sangrena is quite an old band, formed at the end of the previous millennium, yet not too active when it comes to their discography. “Hunter” is their second full-length release, after almost twenty years of existence. What’s more, the previous one came out in 2009, so you can see what I mean.

This Brazilian four-piece plays Death Metal, as I stated above. At the same time, do not assume you are about to listen to another Krisiun or Headhunter D.C. One must agree that these guys are pretty brutal, and of course the connotations to their country mates cannot be avoided. Yet, this is just a detail in the music Sangrena presents. Guitar work on this CD is just superb. Ranging from ultra-fast, typically brutal, Death Metal stabs, to melodic leads from time to time, not forgetting the solos, and even an acoustic passage on one of the songs. Speaking of it all, Sangrena does seem to mix a couple of different influences in their songs and ties them together quite nicely. One can find in these 40 minutes a lot of Brazilian brutality, early Swedish melody and rhythmical displays of early Florida scene. Very convincing growls and diverse enough battering of the rhythm section complete the image of a band that knows what it wants, and how to do it.

The artwork is another big plus of this release depicting perfectly the concept behind the lyrics. Speaking about the concept, the album is based on the book “The name of death” by Klester Cavalcanti and revolves around the life of a serial killer, devout in his Christian beliefs and respect for his family, and his struggles to make peace between his two conflicting personalities in the cruel world that Brazil offers. You must agree that the topic fits with Death Metal very good.

Sangrena produced a very strong record, and with the help of a strong label such as Darzamadicus Recods they can surely expect much wider recognition of their work. Let us just hope we will not have to wait another 8 years for the follow-up. Absolutely recommended to every Death Metal fan out there!


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