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Review: Sammath – Live Arrogance

by Miloš Šebalj


Sammath – Live Arrogance

1. Intro / Stalingrad
2. Godless
3. Drakenbloed
4. Thrive in Arrogance
5. Shot in Mass
6. Nineteen Corpses Hang in the Mist

Label: Zwaertgevegt
Date: September 7, 2018

Zwaertgevegt is definitely the place to go if you need Dutch Black (and otherwise) Metal. And you need it, trust me on that! If you are a worshiper of the tape cult too, your happiness will be immeasurable! Furthermore, you can order this tape in a special version as well, and you will get a metal pin with Sammath’s logo. You’re still reading this? Don’t! Stop right now and go search for some cassettes!

Quarter of a century and 5 full length albums into their career, Sammath appears here with their first live recording. It’s quite short for a band with such an extensive discography, but what can you do!? Luckily, Sammath’s songs are not too short, so the release extends over half an hour.

Now, the sound presented here is not the best. It’s hardly average even. Still, this is Underground Black Metal and expecting this tape to sound like your typical overproduced live recording isn’t expected anyway. Maniacs that are used to raw sounds should be delighted and I have a feeling this is dedicated precisely to them. The band’s cult status in their homeland is clearly heard in the reactions of the crowd in between the tracks. They are not performing for thousands here, but for the selected few who can appreciate the Black Metal they are creating.

Sammath displays unrelenting Black Metal with clear connotations to the second wave Scandinavian masters. Their full speed assault on the listener strongly reminds of Marduk from their golden years. Well, Sammath isn’t that much younger than the legendary Swedes, so it is a question of influence and influenced. In any case, the Dutch trio delivers ferocious attacks and high energy impulse all along their existence and this album proves it. Hell, I’ve seen them live recently and I can bear witness to that. Sammath and Marduk have another thing in common. Thematically, they both cover a range of topics from anti-Christianity to war (World wars in particular).

Not much more to say here. Fans of the band should already be well aware of this tape. Black Metal fans should get to know this band if they haven’t already. Collectors of various bootleg live recordings (I was surprised, but there are many of those) will be delighted. And don’t forget to order the special edition and decorate your metal jacket (pun intended) with a piece of Dutch metal!

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