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Review: Rotting Christ – Their Greatest Spells: 30 Years of Rotting Christ

by Ivona Bogner

30 Years of Rotting Christ

Their Greatest Spells: 30 Years of Rotting Christ


  1. The Sign of Prime Creation
  2. Athanati Este
  3. Non Serviam
  4. King Of A Stellar War
  5. Nemecic
  6. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
  7. Art Of Sin
  8. Dying
  9. Archon
  10. Serve In Heaven
  11. Astral Embodiment 
  12. After Dark I Feel
  13. Sorrowfull Farewell
  14. In Yumen-Xibalba
  15. Elthe Kyrie
  16. Cold Colours

  1. The Sign Of Evil Existence
  2.  Fgmenth Thy Gift
  3. Ze Nigmar
  4.  Phobo’s Synagogue
  5.  Demonon Vrosis
  6.  …Pir Threontai
  7.  Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy 
  8.  Among Two Storms 
  9.  Semigod 
  10. Welcome To Hel
  11. A Dynasty From The Ice
  12. Shadows Follow
  13. Forest of N’gai
  14. Feast of the Grand Whore
  15. Exiled Archangels
  16. Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son
  17. I Will Not Serve

Label: Season of Mist
Date: March 23, 2018

Greece is a country of heavy metal gods such as Gus G, Bob Katsionis, George Kollias, Septicflesh, Necromantia…

Rotting Christ have found the place under the Olympus over than 30 years ago. Traditionally, the God fearing country, Greece gave a birth to Rotting Christ. And I met Jesus in Belgrade in the now non-existing venue, the small hall of Student Cultural Center at Sanctus Diavolos tour.

This year, the band celebrates 30+ years releasing double compilation album “Their Greatest Spells: 30 Years of Rotting Christ”.

If I would start counting, from 1987 till 2018, Rotting Christ had left huge legacy: 12 albums, 4 demos, 4 split editions, 4 EP releases, 2 single releases, one live album, seven compilation albums (including “Their Greatest Spells”) and I have found somewhere statistics of 1250 concerts.

At the beginning of the career, Rotting Christ was basically a grindcore band. In the meantime they changed the course and classified themselves as a classic black metal band. Each album brought some sound changes so we could hear gothic, doom, industrial elements. “Theogonia”, for example, their album from 2007 received the epitome of an atmospheric epic album. At some points, Rotting Christ incorporates folk elements to their sound so that we can never be sure in which direction the band is going, but does it really matter?

It was always hard to review compilation albums. At least for me. Each of us has own favorites, there is always something missing or there is too much of everything. What makes me happy in the whole story about compilation albums is the fact that lately is kind of tradition to include at least one new song must. This time, Rotting Christ honored us with one, “I Will Not Serve”. There are no surprises, this is the classic Rotting Christ as we know and love. In fact, it is surprising that the new song have found the last place on this double album.

33 songs packed in over 2 hours of music are an extraordinary opportunity for those who still have not heard about the founders of the Greek black metal scene to do it right away!

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