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Review: Regression of Style – Fonology

by Frane Odak
Regression of Style

Regression of Style – Fonology

1. Dour Song
2. Build My Gallows High
3. Fool’s Parade
4. Penitenziagite

Label: Self-released
Date: June 21, 2019

Regression of Style is a relatively new name on Croatian metal scene. They have been active on the scene for a few years now, playing as a supporting act for some bands, most notably for Lunarsea and Veins. This year they have released their first EP called “Fonology”.

The music presented here shows a very strong Gothenburg influence. It is melodic death metal at its finest. Many melodic riffs with some occasional tremolos and acoustic passages. Pretty much like early In Flames. Even the vocals share a decent amount of similarities to those of Anders Fridén. There are also some non-Gothenburg influences present here, strongest one being the Reinkaos era Dissection, which is most apparent on “Fool’s Parade”. The songs have many transitions and none of the songs is repetitive in any way, which is very good because it is easy to differentiate one song from the other and it adds up to the variety of what the band has to offer. They are also very catchy and thus ideal for the live setting. However, the production is a bit rough and makes this EP seem more like a demo than the actual EP. Other than that, there aren’t many objections that I have about this release.

On this EP the band showcases some very competent songwriting. It might not be the most original thing out there, but it is definitely an enjoyable listening experience, so I definitely recommend checking out this EP.


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