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Review: Raven Throne – I miortvym snicca zolak

by Aleksandar Saradžić
Raven Throne
Raven Throne

Raven Throne – I miortvym snicca zolak

  1. Vietru
  2. Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…
  3. Imža, i sklizota, i prykraja zol
  4. Vosień
  5. Žyvym vas nie daklikacca…
  6. Žyvoj kryvi žyvyja cielcy

Label: Non Serviam Records
Date: May 2, 2018

Raven Throne is not an unknown band to me. I did an interview with this guy for my ‘zine Crnilo, back in late 2009 just before their “Вечный, тёмный” album release. But in the last, shall we say, five or six years I didn’t follow the work of Raven Throne. So when I received an invite to do a review for their new album, it was “a must”.

With fourteen years on the scene, we can easily call these guys veterans of the Belarus metal scene. Six full-length materials, few demos, singles and compilation gave these guys the right to be proud on their history under the banner of Raven Throne.

Music on this new one is absolutely astonishing. You have loads of brilliant melodies that fit perfectly with the whole picture of this material. From screaming vocals, thundering drums and roaring guitars, the band easily transitions into melancholic melodies and slow paced drums that will lead you to the end (of the song).

Guitars are simply perfect here. They provided us with one of the best melodies that I’ve heard in the last year or two. I am really stunned how this band transformed their music from raw black metal into this highly wholesome melodic/melancholic black metal. Riffs and melodies are really memorable. I can now safely say that I have a new favorite release from Belarus.

To make drum passages in atmospheric black metal, you really need to be on the top of your game and the drummer of Raven Throne really is. When you listen to the entire album you will discover how this man perfectly follows guitar work with his rhythm section behind them. There is no excessive drumming, everything is in its place where it should be. You will be amazed by arrangements of their songs.

Vocals throughout the whole album invoke classic screaming black metal. They are well assembled to follow melodies and music. Song titles as well as the album title are in their native language, which is highly commendable.

If you are fan of bands like Drudkh, Agalloch, Khors, Saor, Woods Of Ypers etc., you’ll find this new Raven Throne’s album absolutely perfect, and to your liking. The band really bust their balls to provide a really good atmospheric black metal, the finest of the European underground scene.

From the visual aspect, the band underperformed a little. Just a snowy road in the dusk of the day. Nothing that we didn’t see a shitload times in the entire black metal genre. But don’t judge this album by its cover and don’t be unhinged by it. Here we have almost 39 minutes of really great atmospheric music.

This full-length is worthy of your time, you will not be disappointed with sound that Raven Throne send out to us on “I miortvym snicca zolak”.

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