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Review: Queensrÿche – The Verdict

by Darko Rajic

Queensrÿche – The Verdict

1. Blood of the Levant
2. Man the Machine
3. Light-years
4. Inside Out
5. Propaganda Fashion
6. Dark Reverie
7. Bent
8. Inner Unrest
9. Launder the Conscience
10. Portrait

Label: Century Media
Date: March 1, 2019

The year is 2019 and we have a new album by American veterans Queensrÿche entitled “The Verdict”, which will be released on the 1st of March.

Todd La Tower on vocals, Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren on guitars, Eddie Jackson on bass is the four that is responsible for this new piece of heavy metal, which could become one of the classics of the genre.

This ten-track album brings us 45 minutes of excellent, hyped up and text-appealing stuff, which hits directly into the head. Starting with the song “Blood of the Levant”, whose theme is the war in Syria and the hell it brings, and all the way to “Portrait”, a melancholic track that closes the album, Queensrÿche direct us through the lyrics into the dark side of society. Maybe we don’t want to listen about these topics, but we can’t escape from the facts.

Once again, Todd has showed that he can handle a demanding singing role in the band which, for years back by handled by Geoff Tate. He even played drums in the studio for “The Verdict” contributing to the quality of the album.

Much more aggressive than the previous one, the follow-up to 2015 “Condition Human” could finally convince the most ardent fans of ex-singer that this is the time for the new paths by which this extraordinary band passes.

Skillfully navigating through aggressive songs, with a few softer in their way and dark as we used to, Queensrÿche has confirmed their cult status of American Heavy Metal. With fantastic production, which was again credited to Hadley’s Zeuss’s Planet-Z Studios in Massachusetts, a mishit isn’t possible, at least in their case. Personal highlight of the album is a song “Inner Unrest”, which is radiophonic but quite enough dreary just as they befits.

I think fans will love this album and stand on the side of a legend. I already have and I can’t wait to hear them live on a big stage.

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