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Review: Purtenance – Buried Incantation

by Bart Tomaszewski

Purtenance – Buried Incantation

1. Into the Arotic Gloom
2. Shrouded Vision of Afterlife
3. Under the Pyre of Enlightenment
4. The Malicious Moon
5. Lifeless Profoundity
6. Deathbed Confesion
7. Wrapped In Lamentation
8. Dark Womb of Nothingness
9. Burial Secrecy
Label: Xtreem Music
Date: June 23, 2020

We were in southern Europe, so now time to travel to the north part of this continent has come. To be precise, to Finland. Over there in the city which’s name is well-know to everyone, but connected only with mobiles. By the way, they do them in Espoo. By the way, Nokia itself isn’t a huge city and there live something like thirty three thousands people. Actually this is more a town then city. It doesn’t of course disturb the fact there’re some active Metalheads who create our beloved music!

These guys are doing it, in some way, since very long time – 1989! Well, the truth is that there was twenty years’ break in existence of Purtenance, but… Anyways, “Buried…” is fourth full-length released on LP, CD and in digital form by Xtreem Music. So the label with long, long experience on the scene – not under this name, bur all know Xtreem is just a continuation of two another labels owned by Dave Rotten. Musically this is surely Death Metal, but played in other way then present our brothers from the capital of Catalonia. I mean guitar tuning is higher and we have with darker climate to do here.  I’ll don’t risk thesis that tempo is slow, coz it’d be at least ridiculous to say something like that. This is also, just like in case of Teratoma, middle one with moments when guys speed up. There’re some slow moments or even songs (for example “Shrouded Vision of Afterlife”) where we’re crushed by a waltz. But this is still Death Metal waltz. You know, this music has nothing or at least almost nothing to do with Doom Metal in any of its form. Music is too sophisticated here. Riffs change too often and are too broken. These slow parties, to be honest, happen quite often, and then you can have some connotations with early, very early days of band from Halifax, England. The fact is that darkness just emanate out from speakers, but this is other kind of darkness, if I can say like that, then in Doom or even more Black Metal. Drums’ work is Death, too.Harri makes really good job with using cymbals, passages and so on. Well, honestly all guys are pretty good in what they do and if you’ll listen carefully to this stuff, you notice how many happens on all fields, how technique stuff this is. By the way, Harri and Juha (guit) are the only members who are in the band since its beginning under a little longer name whose roots are yet in eighties.

Well, on the beginning of nineties such approach to Death Metal was quite popular, especially between Scandinavian bands. I, of course, could list some names here, but I afraid a lot of you had no idea what I’m talking about – at least in the most of cases. In other ones you’d surely know what it’s about, but I don’t like to compare,so… Instead I tell only that I recommend this stuff from deep of my heart to all Death Metal fans! Well, other ones also should listen to this as well!

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