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Review: Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation Of God

by Daniel Pinheiro

Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation Of God

1. Liturgy Of Impurity
2. Prayer In Eclipse
3. Broken Jew
4. Washed In The Blood Of Lord
5. Sacramental Cum
6. Mocked, Scourged And Shit Upon
7. Tithing Cunt
8. Rotting Incarnation Of God
9. Eucharist In Ruin
10. In My Kingdom

Label: Season Of Mist
Date: October 11, 2019

Visceral. Chaotic. Nauseating. Decrepit. Profanity.

Alongside Von and Absu, Profanatica constitute the Decadent Trinity of American Black Metal. Always true to the foundations created in 1990, Paul Ledney keeps the flame alive, full of Hatred and Anger! A beating, from beginning to end, without any contemplation for the listener, is what is given to us in the 5th original album of this Black Metal Legend from “Uncle Trump’s land”!

Profanatica have something I love about Black Metal: they are raw, stripped of any artifice. They sound of Death and Blood. Sometimes Slow and Heavy, sometimes Fast and Piercing. The bass, setting the pace, very creatively creating a suffocating and dense environment! The drums: ceaseless is the force with which Ledney punishes the skins… Raw and Rough!

To many, this Black Metal line may sound dull and just… Noisy. I respect the opinion. I disagree, but respect. I do not find them apathetic, much less noisy – at least in the ordinary sense of the word. No, not at all! They are masters of a sound of their own (though the musical appropriation by other entities, uhm). “Mocked, Scourged and Pissed Upon” brings something else, something distinct… Even if it’s Raw and Rough! It’s Profanatica! It’s brute force! And immensely well played!

In a way, and I have to agree, Profanatica ends up making a somewhat one-dimensional sound, in a sense that they give us no more than what they have been given us for these 29 years: Profanatica. Makes sense? I think so, honestly, as absurd as it may sound. Above all because they are those bands that – as has been said here – keep alive the foundations from which they built their sound.

The bass. Have we talked about bass? What a weight, gentlemen! Thick and even thicker! The vocals follow the line of each instrument well: it sounds Death and Decrepitude. The End… Expect a punishment in the form of a beating. Many other bands have tried to replicate the musical “recipe” of these gentlemen, but nobody does it like the “old men”. It’s not, again in my opinion, a sound that is constantly rotating in my playlists, much because, being such a forceful sound, it ends up wearing out the one who listens to it… Personal opinion, of course!

Those who have been following what Profanatica have done in the last (many), years will not feel cheated; Those, who do not know, or very little know, prepare, because the session will be heavy!

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