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Review: Prkos – Uz prkos svemu…


Prkos – Uz prkos svemu…

1. Embrace the Sky
2. Of Madness
3. Primal Source
4. Seed of Evil
5. Forgotten Lands of Illusion

Label: Self-released
Date: April 30, 2019

Prkos seems to be another one of those unusual bands popping up in Croatia lately. The band is of rather strange and mysterious nature, not very unlike Exterior Palnet. Even the same guy designed the logo and the artwork for both bands. There is also a weird instance that the title of the EP is in Croatian, while the songs are entirely in English, which brings Pogavranjen to mind. All of this makes it is very apparent that Prkos is one of those bands that strive to be weird and different from the rest of the scene, but the question is how does their music fare in that regard?

Well, despite mentioning them alongside black metal bands, this band doesn’t really play black metal, at least not for the most part. The band’s genre could be best described as technical/progressive thrash metal, even though there are more influences to take into consideration here. Some of the influences present here are Voivod, Coroner, Vektor and Pestilence. In mid-section of “Primal Source” there are even some Atheist influences to be heard as well. The band manages to achieve the oldschool feel with the production, but still manages to make the sound of all instruments perfectly clear, which is rather admirable. There is some fine musicianship present here, which shows that the band members are some very experienced musicians. Meanwhile the vocals are a whole different story. They are not necessarily bad, but rather strange. The growled parts sound very good, while clean vocals are the weirder ones. The closest they come to is Martin Walkyier (ex-Sabbat, ex-Skyclad), only much weirder. The vocals on this release range from growls all the way to falsetto, which is crazy. The weirdness of this EP definitely reaches its peak on closing track, “Forgotten Lands of Illusion”. It is an avant-garde keyboard piece with some screams and indecipherable murmuring in the background and some guitar sliding in the end. A rather strange and eerie way to close the record.

All of this shows that Prkos definitely has some original ideas, although there are some parts that sound rather rehashed. This EP provides an overall showcase of what this band is capable of and I think it’s capable of many things. With a full-length album I think they could fully develop upon their ideas and reach their full potential.

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