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Review: Prisoner – Prisoner

by Miloš Šebalj

Prisoner – Prisoner

  1. Arhitekta novog sveta
  2. Košmar
  3. Izgledala je malo čudno u kaputu žutom krojenom bez veze (Bijelo Dugme cover)
Label: Self released
Release date: December 15, 2018

Well, this felt wrong from the very beginning. From the highly amateurish promotional package (or lack thereof), cover (logo and band photo hardly make a convincing cover art), to the digital format in which it was released. It could serve as a promotional EP, yet where is the information? No biography, press release, cover (yes, I have downloaded it from the band page)… OK, I’m nitpicking a bit here, but still… Some effort on the bands side would make it look more serious. The other thing that got me worried is the closing track. The whole thing really felt wrong…

Not everything is as bad as I have presented in the opening. Of course, I’m speaking about the music. Well, the original tracks anyway. Prisoner is not a newcomer on the Serbian scene, emerging from the Thrash Metal revival witnessed here at the beginning of the second decade of the millennium. They have a full length album under their belt, from 2015. The new material is not far from the previous. Prisoner is still on the Thrash Metal path, mostly inspired by the US scene. The aggressive side of their creativity surely comes from that direction. They do have more melodic parts which draw on the more traditional Heavy Metal legacy. That is especially felt in the vocal department and the fine guitar solos. Musicians obviously do not lack the skills, but don’t put them up front either. It all serves the purpose of the composition, so you will not get lost in the technicality of the songs. What I find wrong on this release are the vocals which sound fine most of the time, but find a way to swing to an occasional oriental side which is quite annoying. Another thing is the already mentioned cover track which seems terribly out of place here. It is performed correctly, sounds fresh in comparison to the original, but it is just too different to the rest of the EP. Last thing I noticed is the lack of a “hit” song. I have played these 3 tracks over and over again and still after the end I quickly forget what I have just heard. To be honest, I remember only the third track, but it’s just because it is a huge hit for everyone born and raised in the former Yugoslavia.

There is nothing outstanding on this EP. It just fits perfectly on the “average pile” which is growing by the minute threatening to overshadow Mount Everest. If you have time check it out, you might find something worth your while. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

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