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Review: Preludium Fury – Victory of the Champion

by Metal Jacket


Triumph Over Anguish
The Power of the Beautiful Lord
Swords and Sorcery
Far Beyond the Astral Door
General Bjorn
Reign of Metal
War of the Dragons
Live to Die
Divine Opus # 3

Release: July 24th, 2021

Label: Independent


I had the opportunity to meet the work of Preludium Fury quite by chance through a power metal channel on YouTube, and in fact since then I have occasionally followed their work, constantly waiting for the explosion that happened some time ago. In fact, it is a project behind which stands a rather mysterious person Jason, a lover of epic fiction, heavy metal and a multi-instrumentalist, which can be seen from the entire opus of the band Preludium Fury from early instrumental works to the latest. Located first in Oakridge in Oregon and then Spokane Valley in the federal state of Washington, this American band exists since 2000. The year 2019 marked a real cannonade of fantastic and original epic power metal sound. Add to that the beginning of cooperation with the best-selling Croatian writer of epic fiction and horror in the world Leontin Čapo Milenić aka Eric Johansson, who became an official member of the band / project Preludium Fury as the main lyricist and who also has the role of vocals in some songs. The plot on the albums is conceptual and based on the remarkable literary works of Eric Johansson and as King Diamond deals with topics close to those who like good horror in the fashion of e.g. Stephen King, Preludium Fury offers something direct from the pen of an imaginative epic fiction writer whose latest work, a book Kingdom of Hope is great listed on the world market but also in the Balkan region, translated also on English language. With this collaboration, in addition to fantasy, epic fiction and incredible creativity of the main composer Jason Hall, the Hope as a motive also enters the concept because the entire opus of the philanthropically oriented Eric is wrapped in foil which when unwrapped offers a reflection of our cruel material world, the struggle of good and evil and hope. When the American reasoning of European power metal, which is very rare successful on American soil, is combined, the influences of Thor, Virgin Steele, Manowar, neo-classical metal, newer European power metal with a cannonade of orchestrations of not overly emphasized and subtle sudden intrusions of synth sound of the 80s…all that finally shaped Preludium Fury.

 And then two weeks ago there was an explosion that I had been expecting for a long time and I mentioned at the beginning. What the band lacked to complete the picture before was heavy metal screamer Berzan Önen, a long-haired, bearded heavy metal vocal beast from Turkey. Indeed, I am a fan of Murat Ilkan from the most renowned Turkish band Pentagram, but I didn’t really know anything about Berzan. Having received a CD, released independently, with the first great riffs, I expected a miracle. More has happened! I’m not one to tend to compare someone’s personal skills but with the first bars, a mix of registers of Dio, Midnight, Halford and Dickinson nailed me to a chair. It was only after sobering up that I noticed what a hidden talent of the mysterious Jason had not come to full expression all these years. Far from the stereotyped approach to creating power metal music, Berzan has finally contributed to the shaping of desired sound.

The composer, lyricist and singer as a whole could give a lesson in songwriting the original and rich epic power metal sound to many renowned bands and musicians. For those who expect happy kindergarten fairy tales from songs and excessive orchestration that many power metal bands are prone to and that children in kindergarten can enjoy, this is by all means not the case with the music of this band. On the contrary, the energy of classical heavy metal with high quality vocals, ranging from medium chest leading the listener to very very high eargasmic vocal ranges combined with original musical solutions and creativity will bring every fan of heavy metal music but also a gourmet of epic fiction to climax whenever fantastic vocal range and the most creative instrumental moment meet each other. I can imagine how, in fact, it is a project behind which stands a rather mysterious person Jason, a lover of epic fiction, heavy metal and a multi-instrumentalist, which can be seen from the entire opus of the band Preludium Fury from early instrumental works to the latest. Much musical and theoretical knowledge was needed for such difficult lyrics to be arranged and sung … brutally!!!

It hasn’t happened to me for a long time to listen to an album without a single annoying moment and to be blown away to the very end. It’s about musical and composer geniuses and it’s very hard for me to single out a favorite in addition to so much variety and complexity of songs and action that isn’t crowded with overproduction which is nowadays bingo for true music lover as I am. Is it the Triumph Over Anguish that announces the next serial musical orgasms, The Power of the Beautiful Lord, Sword and Sorcery, Far Beyond the Astral Door, General Bjorn that provide the listener with something that Manowar, Virgin Steele, Cirith Ungol or Crimson Glory missed to make spiced with epic fanfares and a kind of musical solutions, or it is perhaps a new anthem of heavy metal music – Reign of Metal – with a beastly good introductory riff to which you have to return several times until Berzan’s vocals finally lift you higher. Maybe the songs War of Dragons and Live to Die will make you read a work by Eric Johansson, or you will enjoy the epic instrumental Divine Opus #3, it’s up to you to decide. Although released independently, the album can very easily be one of the 2021 albums, in the humble opinion of the signatories of these lines. Until then, I highly recommend it. Since I only give 10/10 to albums significant for rock’n’ roll history, they get 9/10 from me. See you at the top, guys! Just beware not to be caught in the claws of uncles dressed in suits and wearing ties.

Written by Zoran Pavlović

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