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Review: PESSIMIST – Holdout

by Bart Tomaszewski


1. Landsknecht
2. Roaring Thunder
3. Kill & Become]
4. Death Awaits
5. Holdout
6. Mountain of Death
7. The King of Slaughter
8. Agony
9. 7:29
Label: MDD Records
Date: 22 VI 2020

Germany always had strong scene in all sub-genres of our beloved music. Of course the very first ones I had contact with were Gods of Heavy and Thrash Metal in late eighties. Actually, Halloween got to know a little earlier. Anyways, this is no place and times to write about history of my Metal education, I guess. So let’s see what this born in 2006 coming from Wail am Rhein ensemble have to offer us. In short, PESSIMIST present us genre of Metal whose German classics are for example “Pleasure to Kill”, “Mad Butcher”, “The Upcoming Terror” or “Persecution Mania” and that’s what we find on their third full-length.

It contains nine tracks generally played rather in old school way. I mean, it’s mot whole the time in vein of first albums of mentioned above band from Essen, where drummer is Ventor or other ones I told before about. You can find some similarities to Essen and Dusseldorf’s residents. And in this second case this is not only the logo… Ehehehheeh… At least somehow I have such connotation. Anyways, there’re also some American influences you can recognize such as some growling from time to time – actually onmly in sound track in one of songs. So we can risk the thesis we have a little Death Metal on here. But it’d be really risky one, I think. The truth is that everything including riffs, drums’ and bass’ work and even vocal, of course are stricte Thrash ones.

I guess all Thrashers should be satisfied with this stuff and have it n her/his collection. Honestly this is what I, and not only me, heard many, many times before and probably will do it also many times in future. But this is any copy or even more clone of one or second more well-known group! These growling moments (or little chorus – in sound tracks, too) are something… Maybe not fresh, but still quite unusual. Grab this!

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