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Review: Our Pond – Paraphernalia

by Lukrecija Mesek

Our Pond – Paraphernalia

1. Antirrhinum Majus
2.  3000 Eyes
3. Girl Party
4. Flight
5. Millie

Label: Volcano Records
Date: May 29, 2020

Our Pond – not something I would expect to be good, but they proved me wrong. Our Pond is coming to us all from Milan, Italy, bringing us their presentation of Math-Rock.

Usually when I get some album for review I usually don’t get much info about the band, album or, god forbids, lyrics. For the first time ever I got lyrics alongside album and all of it’s info.

I don’t think I can explain my shock when I noticed that every and each song is instrumental without any any any words at all. So what are lyrics here for?

After careful listening I couldn’t connect what it could it be. It took me almost one week to figure out that those sweet lyrics are actually Haiku and that they are going along side the songs, or if you will, they are describing songs. Each song has one part of Haiku the is connected to.

Pardon my French, but I’m really bad with Italian language (in other words, I don’t understand it at all, besides few curse words we all know in like 10 different languages), fortunately, there is little thingy called google translate, so I decided to translate the Haiku, and when I pressed enter I got this:

1. Diverse le due facce
Solo se muore
La bocca di leone
or as translated,
“Different are the two faces
only if he dies
The Snapdragon.”

2. Passeggia un ragazzo
e, sopra’acqua
Grida di felicita
or as translated
“Stroll a boy
And above the water
Shouts of happiness.”

3. Ragazze che giocano
di tarda notte
Dai capi nascon iris
“Girls playing
Late at night
From the leaders hide iris.”
4. Un palloncino vola
alto in cielo
L’osservo e singhiozzo
“A ballon flies
high in the sky
I look at it and hiccup.”
5. Il Neko porta bene
Lo rivuole. Con
la luna le piante
“Neko does well
He wants it back. With
the moon and plants”

I’ll just leave it here so that every one can interpret it in their own way.
Now, considering the music, it’s definitely not what I would expect, but to be fair music is definitely interesting. Different elements are mixing together really nicely.

Our pond really surprised me with something new and different, and to be honest, they are one of the relics when it comes to showing their lyrics to the rest of the world. I have only one thing that bothers me. It’s language barrier. I would love to if they had more info about them written in English.


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