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Review: Ossuary Anex – Obscurantism Apogee

by Bart Tomaszewski


1. Contempt of God
2. Firestorm
3. Obscurantism Apogee
4. Revelation (Apocalypsis Ioannis)
5. Path to Golgotha
6. We Are the Antichrist
7. According to Their Deeds
8. The Beyond-Man
9. The Great and Celestial Massacre
Label: September 20, 2020
Date: Xtreem Music

In Russia there always were good Metal bands. It was like that even in times of late USSR. Of course these days the scene wasn’t as huge as today, but quality of ensembles was good. Probably I’m not super objective with that, coz Shah or Cruise or Korozia Metalla were one of the first extreme bands outside of Poland I ever heard. A little bit later when I started to edit my zine, I was in touch with several Russian (also with ones from other countries who once were part of Soviet Union) really great, in my opinion, bands. And well… Until nowadays I have actually some kind of sentiment to bands from there – especially if they’re not from Moscow or Sankt Petersburg. That’s why I was excited when saw that Ossuary Anex comes from Ufa.

And I tell you what. My excitement was even bigger when I started to listen to this album. I know from experience that label owns by Dave Rotten always released good stuffs (it doesn’t matter it called Drowned Prod., Repulse Rec or it’s about Fighter Rec or Xtreem Music now) with pure Metal. This is the same in this case, too. “Obscurantism…” is third full-length of Ossuary Anex and is about nine Brutal Death Metal compositions.where guys are focused on brutality, first of all. Of course it doesn’t mean they create some boring stuff. This is even contrary and you can without problems and often recognize several guitar tricks, sophisticated play of drums and so on. Riffs are, just like it should be, broken and change with frequency like it was in schoolbook “how to play brutal death metal” if it’d existed, the same is about tempo which generally is middle one (of course as on mentioned above genre of music). By the way, in this case word “generally” is even more then accurate coz it changes quite often. That’s why I’d add to describing of their music one more word on “t”. Do you know which one I mean? Hopefully you do!

So if you like brutal music where happen a lot and it only makes this music even more brutal, where technique on good level serves to create brutal stuff, just contact Xtreem Music and grab the CD!!! I can hear influences of some American and not only  bands, but residents of Ufa add something from themselves. It isn’t a copy of this or another band, even if you can know after listening what bands our Metal brothers like the most and what groups are the biggest inspiration for them – I can only say that I hear on here huge influences of a band who comes from New York, exists, with four years break, since 1988 and is pioneer of such playing. Anyways, I feel I wanted to write something more, but hell with this! Especially that it’d probably be anything smart, so BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!


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