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Review: Orgullo Nativo – Entre el campo de batalla

by Lukrecija Mesek
Orgullio Nativo
 Orgullio Nativo

Orgullo Nativo – Entre el campo de batalla

1. Entre el campo de batalla
2. Orgullo nativo
3. Sesión 2
4. Salario miserable legal vigente
5. Sesión 3
6. Verdugo
7. Sesión 4
8. Euthrashnasia
9. Sesión 5
10. Preludio al infierno
11. Infierno
12. Ejecución
13. Libido infernal (Bonus Track)
14. Invasion thrasher (Bonus Track)

Date: May 5, 2018
Label: Morbid Skull Records

The project started as a one-man project in July 2011. Later it became today’s Orgullo Nativo led by guitarist and vocalist Cesar Urrego (Desertor Infernal), Dairo Rodriguez (Root) and bassist Felipe Guerrero (Infernus). In 2014, the band launched debut EP called “Filosofía de un demente” which was supported by the local scene of their home town Bogotá, Columbia.

Only two years later, they released their first full-length album of the same name “Filosofia de un demente”. This conceptual album reflects the insanity and hatred conceived by a person against the corrupted system. It is the radiograph of the life of common Colombian people, stuck under an oppressive and virtually invented system.

Last year, they released their second full-length “Entre el campo de batalla” about the inner war to be free and to not depend on anything that belongs to our reality. It is an explosion of mental violence in which the band wants to corrode and execute “the demented philosophy”. The album has an incredibly rough approach to the band members’ thoughts.

But enough about the history. The most important thing is that are they preparing us with re-issued full-length “Entre el campo de batalla”. The album was announced for 5th May of 2018 via Morbid Skull Records and includes two bonus tracks.

Listening to “Entre el campo de batalla”, I was a little bit disappointed by the long introductions scattered throughout the whole album and its conceived stories, which unfortunately can’t be understood by everyone because of the language barrier.

Don’t get me wrong, the album is not a failure under any circumstances. The material is packed with fierce energy and we can see that so much effort has been invested in every of these songs.

If they are classified as Thrash Metal, it is somehow hard to believe for me. The album appears to have more Black Metal characteristics. Nevertheless, today it doesn’t make sense to put Metal into all these much subgenres because  there aren’t any bands that are not experimenting with other genres. In that sense, they expand their horizons.

All in all, they presented an interesting concept that would only have to be slightly upgraded, but they definitely go in the right direction. Fans of energetic notes will be satisfied with this album.

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