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Review: Opća Opasnost – Karta do prošlosti

by Miloš Šebalj

Opća opasnost – Karta do prošlosti

1. Karta do prošlosti
2. Kriva si
3. Sad mi reci
4. Gubim tlo pod nogama
5. Ratnik ili patnik
6. Vuk samotnjak
7. Da je Bog dao
8. Bivše ljubavi
9. Pusti me na miru
10. Vrati se
11. Zbogom anđele
12. Pakleni vozači (feat. Atomsko sklonište)
13. Moja ljubavi

Label: Croatia Records
Date: February 31, 2019

How good is the legal service behind Metal Jacket Magazine? Do we even have one? I’m asking because I’m going to create a regular shit-storm aimed at the biggest record label in Croatia and one of the biggest names on Croatian Rock scene.

First of all, whose ego is supposed to be satisfied by giving this album the title of “Rock album of the year”? Seriously, there is a sticker on the wrapping of this digipack CD that says this is the best Rock album this year, and it was released in May! The thing is that I have already heard a couple of better albums this year, even some coming from Croatia. And it is just August, as I’m writing this. Should somebody feel obligated to purchase this release just because some ‘manager’ down at the label headquarters felt the need to make himself useful? Bloody hell, I’ve seen some serious label bloopers but this is something else. This is a good album but definitely not the best this year has to offer. Consider yourselves warned!

The other thing… Call me old-fashioned, but I think the band should be the one creating their own songs. That same job here was outsourced to Mario Vestić, one of the most famous writers and composers in Croatia. So, what I’m going to do here is review this record as a new album by Mario, with session members of Opća Opasnost. By the way, it seems that Mario is responsible for most of the songs throughout the 27 years of existence of Opća Opasnost. I have never noticed that fact, and I consider myself a big fan of the band. Maybe I’m more of a fan of Mario Vestić? Investigating further I found he has a band of his own, called Galdaria. I must make a mental note to check it out, as he has some serious talent for creating nice and memorable songs. I am more than interested in hearing him perform them.

Now, what he has done on “Karta do prošlosti” is make a pure-blooded Hard Rock record along the lines of the greats of the genre. Whitesnake somes to mind with their everpresent songs about love (lost or otherwise) and life. His lyrics are interesting enough and escape the cliche whenever possible. The songs on this album are guitar driven most of the time, while giving enough room to rhythm section and underlined by the fine use of keyboards. Of course, there is no good Hard Rock record without a firmly delivered vocal performance, credited to Pero Galić. Credits are also due to the rest of the band performing someone else’s songs. It is all done according to high standards required from musicians with this much experience.

This is a very good record. Not the best Opća Opasnost has in their arsenal, let alone the best of 2019, but still decent. Mario Vestić can certainly be proud of what he has done. As for me, I guess I will soon be banned from the Croatia Records store, so I will need some help in getting my hands on the next Opća Opasnost album (you can bet I will want it). In the meantime I can hope Galdaria doesn’t work with the same label. Otherwise, I will ask some of my Croatian friends to help me get it.


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