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Review: Oniricous – La Maldición

by Miloš Šebalj


Oniricous – La Maldición

1. Intro 
2. Exhumando el Horror 
3. El Extraño
4. La Cabra Negra
5. La Maldicion
6. Outro

Label: BlackSeed Productions
Date: October 31, 2019

Hear ye, hear ye, puritans of the Metal underworld, rejoice! For there crept, from the depths of the Spanish catacombs, a short blow to the ears of the unfaithful! As you keep requesting, so it shall be done! Death Metal as it was meant to be at the moment of its inception! Allow me to present Oniricous!

That introduction should be enough information for all of you, thus concluding this review, as you must know exactly what is going to happen during these 18 minutes. Well, more like 15 minutes, since there are 2 short ambient tracks opening and closing the EP.

The one piece of information that will not fit to the puzzle just right is that Oniricous contains three guitar players in their ranks, but it matters not, as the music is not that revealing as it is mesmerizing in its simplicity. Seriously, “La Maldición” is done by-the-book, in every aspect of its existence. You will get earful of brutal guitar work, aggressive rhythms and strong, confident vocals. What more is there for your average Death Metal maniac? The release reeks of the ‘80s, so you shouldn’t be surprised if traces of Thrash Metal appear here and there. Back then it wasn’t a big deal if it was labeled this or that way. Furthermore, you will get a certain South American vibe, mostly due to the Spanish lyrics, but then again, it is originally Spanish language, not South American. As mentioned, simplicity is the factor that will secure your appreciation. There’s not much to it. Simple, yet effective riffing rules with an iron fist across these songs. They are construed so that your neck gets maximum impact. Tread carefully if you have gathered some years on your bones. And you must have if you are infatuated by this kind of music, as three decades have passed since it was born. The tracks are enhanced by guitar solos, to fully capture the feel of the early days.

As this is a short material, intensity is the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. The record is as tight as it gets with just enough production work (Moontower Studios are already well-known for the cryptic Death Metal feel they deliver) to make it clear to listen and “slimy” so you forget about any kind of modern tendencies.

This is one of those “for the fans from the fans” releases. Sure, one can find a bunch of flaws here. Somebody will surely mention the lack of any kind of freshness and innovation, perhaps the cover artwork which might seem somewhat incomplete, or any other. The fact remains that “La Maldición” is an honest recording and if you are a fan of Death Metal you will be delighted to own a copy. If, on the other hand, you strive for technical nuances, progressiveness or melodies, you should stay as far away from Oniricous as you possibly can.

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