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REVIEW: Old Night – Ghost Light

by Metal Jacket

Old Night – Ghost Light

Strange Lights on the Moor
Sacred South
Daughter of Summer Dawning
Sweet Little Sorrows
Cognitive Dissonance
No Solace
Sworn to Deviltry
The Inevitability of Leaving

Reelease: 2022, Solitude Productions


Here we have a third album by croatian Doom Metal masters Old Night. After first two brilliant records l must say expectations were high. After few notes of the intro l just knew that these guys did it again. Short but effective intro sets the mood for rest of the album perfectly and the rest is just  pure magic. It seems to me that Old Night finally found the perfect sound for them and this is their best sounding album to date.

Vocal performance from Matej Hanzek is amazing and he really shines on this record,you just have to love his voice. The whole band is just amazing and from the first song Sacred South they just take you to the emotional journey you dont want to end. Every song on this album is a small masterpiece that you will want to play again and again. The well written lyrics will make this album even more interesting for those who want more than just awesome music. The cover art is done by All things rotten and it rounds this package perfectly. You dont have to be Doom Metal fan to enjoy this album, hell, you dont have to be metal fan to like this. If you are into beautiful,emotional, well written and executed music this is the album for you. BUY OR DIE!!!

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