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Review: Nukore – One Minute Silence

by Ivona Bogner

Nukore – One Minute Silence

1. Black Friday
2. Give Me My Pain
3. Your Home is a Mess
4. Erase and Redefine
5. One Love One Life
6. One Minute Silence
7. Like My Likes
8. Shame

Label: Blood Fire Death
Date: February 14, 2020

Once upon a time… Not so long ago… NU Metal was born… Metal in combination with such as hip hop, alternative rock, funk, industrial, and grunge for me, even decades after it was established for me is unacceptable. Maybe that is the reason why, even six months after I receive Nukore’s promo-pack, I haven’t started reviewing it. Shame on me, I know! Actually, I thought, I hoped, it is about time when damn NU Metal will die! Yeah, shame on me again! 

Nukore is one of “that” bands I would never, ever put in my CD player. But, very interesting art cover draw my attention. 

Nukore was formed in 2004, so we can say it is relative young band. Ok, if they survived nearly 16 years, than let’s see what they offer. “One Minute Silence”is their fourth full length album. The band name tells us all: they play NU Metal mixed with Metalcore. Maybe I am too old, too much traditional, but somehow I can not listen this album in one piece. The album contains eight songs, I would say just solid material. Once again I repeat I am not an expert in this field, but somehow I miss variety, I miss some excitement.

While listening the album, I would dare to say this is not all about (as I previously wrote) NU Metal/Metalcore mix. I can hear a lot of style influences, there is a Hip-Hop, HC, maybe something more, so let’s say this is crossover band. The songs are short, they punch from and to the heart. I might say that the album is well balanced. The metal influence might be recognized the most in “Erase and Redefine” or “One Love One Life” while “Give Me My Pain” includes rap vocals. 

The album is honest, brutal, but not my cup of tea. For sure, fans of the 90’s sound will be thrilled.


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