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Review: Nuked Mind – Face the Reality

by Miloš Šebalj

Nuked Mind – Face the Reality

1.  Feed the Fire
2. Master Your Mind
3. The Last Stand
4. Ice and Fire
5. Mind Rind
6. Daemon
7. Face of Reality
8. Sinister

Label: Independent
Date: June 6, 2019

“Face the Reality” is what happens when you let your influences get the best of you. Nuked Mind is a young band and that is a fact that works in their favor. However, they do have another album under their belt already. Under a different name, but still… Some experience should be noticeable by now. Seems like all the mentioned experience has been used to better their technical and recording skills. Their creation on the other hand is still largely under the wings of the world famous names and they seem shy to spread their own wings.

To begin with what is wrong here I have to mention the cover artwork. The idea is fine, though a bit of a cliché, but the execution is just poor. Computer animation in the 21st century must be on a much higher level. This looks like some beginners course in Photoshop. Just hire a professional next time. I know it can be expensive for a Serbian band, but it will definitely help get your band the necessary visual identity.

Getting to the musical side of Nuked Mind one cannot escape the “heard it all before” feeling. For the clearest example check out track number 6. If you don’t think of “Orion” right from the start, you probably have no idea about Metal music. The rest of the track is even arranged so it reminds of masterpieces from the Metallica album containing the said track. Other songs have different influences, ranging from old (Testament most obviously) to new (Bullet for my Valentine or Lamb of God) school of Thrash Metal. Completely devoid of any shred of original ideas, “Face the Reality” might serve as some sort of an encyclopedia of the genre. The question remains if you want to hear something like that?

Now, if your answer is “yes”, you will not go wrong with this one. Energy is there, aggression as well, speed, groove, solos… Headbanging bonanza! Nuked Mind might just be a killer to experience live. On the other hand, if you prefer your Thrash Metal to be more than just a “good, friendly, violent fun”, there are many other albums which will surely spark your imagination, while keeping all the trademarks in order.

As this quartet has clearly mastered the technical skills necessary I am willing to give them another chance. Just a word of warning: I will expect a bigger creative effort and a whole lot of thought put in the compositions.

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