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Review: Nordjevel – Necrogenesis

by Aleksandar Saradžić

Nordjevel – Necrogenesis

1. Sunset Glow
2. Devilry
3. The Idea of One-Ness
4. Black Lights from the Void
5. Amen Whores
6. The Fevered Lands
7. Nazarene Necrophilia
8. ApokalupsisEschation
9. Panzerengel

Label: Osmose Productions 
Date: March 29, 2019

In just three years of its existence, this band has become recognized and recognized as a force in the world of black metal. Two full albums and one EP material were enough to make Nordjevel appear in the world as a band that certainly brings a furious display of Devils might.

Darkness, self-destruction, nature, Norway and anti-religion are themes that this beast of a band brings with their chaos. It should also be mentioned that behind this band are experienced musicians who have been in black metal already for decades. They worked in their careers with brilliant bands like Ragnarok, 1349, Odium, Morbid Angel, Zyklon…

Like the first album, this is released under the Osmose Production sign. It seems Hervé has not had such a powerful band in his roster for years.Nordjevel certainly sounds like the great future of this genre. An incredible amount of energy and anger is thrown into this album.

It can also be said that this band certainly represents the future of True Norwegian Black Metal. Norway hasn’t produced any new black metal band in years, maybe decades that is so powerful and great like Nordjevel.

Necrogenesis was recorded at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg, Norway. Engineered by Nordjevel and Christer Krogh. Mixed and mastered by PatricDarkhyrys at WSL Studios in France. I can tell that all of them made one hell of an album. This piece of black metal madness will definitely stand the tests of time.

It is worth mentioning that this band’s drummer is no other than Nils “Dominator” Fjellström. Surely one of the best drummers on the planet, if not the best, than in very top of drummers in metal music.This man is a damned beast. His blastbeats are insanity manifested in sound.

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