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Review: Non Est Deus – There is No God

by Metal Jacket
Non Est Deus

Non Est Deus – There is No God

1. Poisonous Words
2. Fuckfest of Blood
3. Coffin of Shattered Dreams
4. Hobsons Choice
5. Godless

Label: Self-released
Date: January 31, 2019

Totally unknown, there is nothing about this band except that they are from Germany and that they made two full-length materials. So this is a mystery of a band, for now.

I was able to put my hands on the second release of Non Est Deus and all I can tell you is that this is one is a damn good album. For unknown and young band this is made quite professionally, in terms of the sound, of course.

You can hear that band used drum machine for background sound, they are well sampled but in some moments, when they are going in faster tempo, it knows to be a little bit annoying. Except that everything was produced and mixed spotless.

One thing that is almost always sure when you are going with German black metal, is that vocal will be flawless. Same is with this band. Their vocal is a bloody beast, perfect screaming to produce even more creepy atmosphere on the albums.

Guitar parts are well arranged. You have from fast riffs, to sound of acoustic guitars and later on they are going with some slow paced riffs, that brings really gloomy atmosphere to whole full-length. Also album is rich with some great melodies that fitted great on whole dark side of this album.

When a visual piece of the material comes up, I’m not really thrilled. At first glance it looks more like a release from a more modern genre of metal music rather than underground black metal. But at the end who care when they made really great music behind it.

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