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Review: Niviane – The Ruthless Divine

by Lukrecija Mesek



Niviane – The Ruthless Divine

1. League of Shadows
2. Crown of Thorns
3. Dreams Crash Down
4. The Ruthless Divine
5. Fires in the Sky
6. Fallen from Elysium
7. Forgotten Centurion
8. Niviane
9. Psychomanteum
10. Sinking Ships
11. Like Lions

Label: Pure Steel Records
Date: October 30, 2020

Marching from California power metalheads, Niviane are back with their new album “The Ruthless Divine”.

It’s been a long time since I last heard good power metal band, and imagine my surprise when I got Niviane for review. Without any expectations I just let the music play, and I instantly fell in love with melody, but for a fan of power metal that’s somehow understandable. Never the less, I was really blown away.

Combining all of the elements of power metal they made something truly amazing. Mighty drums are putting you in trans while guitars and bass are creating beautiful story, and the keyboards are giving that special note. I really fell in love with vocal.  Really powerful and it fits so well with melody, but you already know my attitude about vocals.

Album “The Ruthless Divine” is bringing us beautiful stories. Starting their album with “League of Shadows” which somehow on firs few notes reminds me on Amon Amarth. Really energetic song that takes you on journey with variations of melody and tempo. “Crown of Thorns” continues to build up expectations of this album, and somehow they lost me with “Dreams Crash Down”. Oh, the irony. Somehow the fade in begging of the song isn’t what I would appreciate in metal song. Never the less, song is really on point. Really high vocals with powerful melody is definitely one of the trademarks of power metal. “The Ruthless Divine” is taking us back on track and here is where they proved that this song is with every right deserved to be the title of the album. “Fires in the Sky” will relax you and “Fallen from Elysium” will pump you up. “Forgotten Centurion” is right melody for chilling.  “Niviane”, the self-titled song. To be honest I wasn’t surprised with this song. Again I’m not fan of fade in intro, but this song is really good representation of the band. It sounds so powerful and so relaxing at the same time. I would love to hear instrumental of this song. One of the last songs “Psychomanteum” starts off really peaceful, but soon it turns into rage. With combination of calming melody with raging parts they created one of my favorites from this album. “Sinking Ships” starts with choir vocals that are leading toward energetic intro. I believe that this is the only song on the album that has choir vocals in it. And I have to admit it’s really nice.one more experiment that gave amazing results. And finally, “Like Lions” is great way to end this album. Full with energy and raging vocals, feels so mighty.

After listening this album multiple times in last few days I honestly can say that Niviane will have permanent place in my music library. Anyone that is in love with power metal, this album and this band will be great addition to their collection. 

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