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Review: Netherbird – Into The Vast Uncharted

by Daniel Pinheiro

Netherbird – Into The Vast Uncharted

1. Saturnine Ancestry
2. Harvest The Stars
3. Mercury Skies
4. Lunar Pendulum
5. Eventide Evangel
6. The Obsidian White
7. Nexus of Unlight

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Date: September 27, 2019

Aaah, Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal and its gift of melody… Without losing all of its power. Sometimes you get that, you know? The 90s with fruitful in terms of MSBM, but once Black Metal decided it was time to return to that more primitive form of existence, we started to see less and less MSBM bands, or maybe I drifted away from them and, in that case, I apologise.

I saw Netherbird logo the other day and thought it was an excellent one. The music… I was totally unaware of how it sounded, to be honest. I know, they are well-known, how did I miss them? Well, they do have a good amount of guitar solos, and a really clean sound… And everything sounds really good and crisp. Well, you have to, if you incorporate Symphonic elements in your music, you want them to stand out.

Unlike what Vargrav – just to point out a recent release by a known band – did with their latest opus, Netherbird does not use Symphonic elements quite the same way: Vargrav, not being a straight up Symphonic Black Metal bands, “dabbles” with keys and synths, giving their music this horror setting; Netherbird uses keys in a more… Joyful way (this sounds right, does it not?). They are really Swedish, and they have a former Amon Amarth member, since they rebanded, behind the drum kit. Does this mean a thing? Does this indicate, in a way, the direction the band is taking in terms of musical creation? I dare say no, and the fact they do have plenty of melody is just the line they decided to follow. Swedish melodic guitar solos… Present! The opening track, “Saturnine Ancestry”, brings forth the Dissection heritage in a remarkable way. I do have to pay more attention to this band, don’t I? Yes, there an ever present Dissection feeling running through the album. That is good. They do not go as far as the guys from Thulcandra, but they have that thing.

Netherbird formed in 2004 and in 2014 they decided to put an end to the band. They returned in 2016 and have been going at it since then. “Into the Vast Uncharted” will be their 5th full length release.

Overall, it is a quite pleasant set of songs, extracting fundamentals from Dissection and the Melodic Black/Death Metal School. It will please all those that care for melody and intricate guitar work in their Black/Death Metal, for there are some wicked guitar solos on these 7 tracks. 

Swedish loving folks, melody loving folks, MSBM loving folks… This is for you, without a doubt!

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