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Review: Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

by Bart Tomaszewski
Downfall of Mankind
Downfall of Mankind

Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

  1. Intro
  2. Horrordome
  3. Never Forget, Never Repeat
  4. Enslave
  5. Bleeding
  6. …and Justice for Whom?
  7. Vultures
  8. Kill the Silence
  9. No Mercy
  10. Raise Your Fist!
  11. Fear, Violence and Massacre
  12. Conflict
  13. Cultura do Estupro
  14. Selfish Battle

Label: Napalm Records
Date: June 1, 2018

Sao Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil and one of the biggest ones on the world. There live more people then in in many countries, including the one I live in. For sport fans it’s the best known from one of the greatest rivalries worldwide between Corinthians and Palmeiras or Grand Prix in formula 1. The city is an important center of all aspects, including culture, of course. So this is anything strange in fact that also Metal scene was there always huge and strong.

One of the representatives of it is formed in 2011 – Nervosa. Thanx to deal with Napalm Records, ensemble isn’t anonymous for fans outside Brazil. Anyways, girls recorded until now a demo entitled just “2012” and two full-lengths: “Victim of Yourself” (2014) and “Agony”, (2016). As you can see there’s always more or less, when it takes day dates, two years’ pause. And it means that this year time for a new album time has come. “Downfall of Mankind” contains intro and thirteen songs (the last one “Selfish Battle” is a bonus one). Musically we have with classic thrash metal to do, and to be precise, its old good German school. But I can hear some signs which say that band comes just from Brazil, too. I have no idea if Prika, Fernanda and Luana will agree with me, but I hear here a touches of legendary thrash metal bands, especially this one from Rio de Janeiro. Well, we’ll see when answers for the interview will come…

Aggression is here everywhere: in music and lyrics. I didn’t see them alive yet, but I’m also sure this energy is emanating from the stage, too! There’s nothing complicated in this music and the only, let’s say, real solo (even if we can count here some rather short parts played by her) I noticed take place in mentioned above bonus track. But don’t even dare to think that Prika doesn’t change riffs and stuff like that! The fact is that the most important thing here is their sharpness, but you can (well,if you’re stone-deaf then you can’t) notice in them her technical skills. The same is about what Luana serve us. There’re some slower parts, sometimes even quite long, passages and so on, but generally she doesn’t fuck around and you feel this power and energy. Fernanda adds her bass and very interesting vocal. You can hear that this is a girl who sings, but in the same time this is very aggressive, full of energy, anger and everything what pure Thrash Metal needs. I of course could compare Fernanda to some well-known vocalist, but…

On the end I’ll tell you only one thing. I just fell in love with this album and can listen to it again and again and again and… I also haven’t any favorite song cause all of them are great! Recommend it especially to peeps who have thrash metal in their blood and souls!!!

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