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Review: Nekroinverted – Recept za Proljev

by Helen Vučić

Nekroinverted – Recept za Proljev

1. Krist Terorist
2. Istočno od Rivendella
3. Recept za Proljev

Label: Self-released
Date: September 11, 2019

Christmas presents got nothing on 9/11 presents. We’ve all been handed one such present, but can you appreciate it? I’ll help you appreciate it. No, I’ll make you appreciate it.

If you haven’t heard of Nekroinverted yet, you’ve either been living under a rock or you have a functioning taste in music. If, like me, you don’t take anything in life seriously, this might be a band for you. They’re a part of the “Rotten Unicorns” collective (why have one horrible band when you can have four?) and they’re hopefully here to stay.

My first encounter with this ensemble happened on an uneventful, cold, depressing, December Thursday evening when the squad and I made the mistake of going to Klub Močvara. The poster said something about supporting the local scene, but it also said “free entry” and “three bands” which was enough to tingle our low standards (Christ, I’d be so easy to kidnap, just write “free metal” on a van). After a quick costume change, Doktor Bokčilo transformed into Nekroinverted and before I knew it, I was on the floor wrestling a guy for an MTG card, then I had cake shoved in my face. Talk about a memorable concert experience. The cake was homemade and delicious. The card was a common.

Bad news is, they’ve now released even more music nobody asked for, so let’s get right into it. This EP is called “Recipe for Diarrhea” and it features three tracks that reflect on politics, religion and the human biology. The first one, “Krist Terorist”, is a majorly relatable tune about waking up hungover at a festival and resisting the urge to kill everyone with an automatic rifle (We’ve seen someone unable to resist this itch last year in Vegas). This punk-rock sounding piece will be a fine addition to their set-list, the mood will stay as jovial as ever all evening.

Next up is my personal favorite, a headbanger’s delight with the theme of elven supremacy, but not the Thalmor kind. We’re in the neighboring universe and this is “East of Rivendell”. Enslavement of the lesser races is a reoccurring subject in fantasy and it should be sung about. Now this I’m really stoked to see live. Catch me windmilling in Močvara’s first row at the earliest convenience. Moria is a labor camp!

The last track is an eponymous one and it absolutely describes the current dietary preferences of the average working class metalhead in Zagreb. Which do you relate to more, Pivo Pivo or Kplus Pivo? Personally, I’m Kebab s Poda.

Nekroinverted like to note how there aren’t any people at their gigs that don’t personally know the band. You can help change that. Next time you see this cursed name on a poster, check the time and place. You know you’re in for a wild ride and this friendly bunch won’t disappoint you. Maybe you’ll even gain a superpower? Paraplegije Nakaradni is a shapeshifter who is entirely unrecognizable every time he changes clothes and Klokan Drumbledore has been blessed with the most beautiful hair from here to Norway, but there’s a debuff – he can’t physically move more than 10 meters away from his wife or he’ll spontaneously combust.

If this contemporary classic has left you in awe and lusting for more, I’m sure you’ll enjoy hits like “Pogled U Lakat” and “Rozi Jednorozi”.

I’ll see you in Močvara next time they invite these lovely freaks. Nemoj da te nema!


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