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Review: Necropsy – Exitus

by Bart Tomaszewski

Necropsy – “Exitus”

1. Meat Ceremony
2. Fucking Dead
3. 206 Motives
4. Butcherado
Label: Xtreem Music
Date: 21. 0I. 2020.

So, time for some stuff from label lead by Dave Rotten has come. And I’ll write now about one more legendary, at least for some people (actually I afraid there’s not so many of them, coz in first incarnation they didn’t record any album – just demos, splits,…), band now. This band is Finnish Necropsy. I know, I know… The most of you connote country of thousand lakes with Black Metal and maybe also Nightwish. But believe me, in nineties there was strong Death Metal scene over there. Well, as I know, this genre has still quite many representatives and that aren’t only old bands who still exist or came after years back from the abyss just like Necropsy did it after fourteen years.

“Exitus” is called EP, but as for me this is just a MCD. But, hell with nomenclature!!! The most important is music, doesn’t it?!? And this is really good, I have to say. As I said before (not directly, but…), guys play old school Death Metal. That’s played in way which was popular in Scandinavia in late eighties and early nineties, by the way. You can find there some American influences, of course, but not only. Tempo is diverse. I mean, mostly it’s slow and in some way even almost Doom Metal one. Honestly, only last song, “Butcherado”, is different – a little slower moments are happen quite rarely here. We also have there more technique you ‘re very able to notice easily. Of course it doesn’t mean that in three ones you can’t realize that. This is just a little more hidden, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear this as well! I like Hannu use cymbals often, well, almost all the time.

Well, I need to buy this CD as well – you know, for reviews I’m getting only digital versions (sign of modern times), so… To sum up, this is very good stuff and I only hope we’ll don’t have to wait for new one, the best full-length, another long five years! Buy or die!!!

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