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Review: Necrobiotic – Symphonies For the Mentally Deceased

by Bart Tomaszewski


Necrobiotic – Symphonies For the Mentally Deceased

1. Endorphine
2. Paranoia
3. Sadism
4. Obsession
5. First Kill
6. Symphonies for ythe Mentally Deceased
7. Post Traumatic Stress
8. The End (instrumental)
9. Fuck You (bonus track)

Label: Songs For Satan
Date: August 23, 2019

I know Flavio several years, maybe even more then decade. Unfortunately this is only on FB, but I’m sure some day we’ll meet each other, drink some cachaça, grab some cold beers and so on. Except playing in the band, who’s at the moment in hard situation – he’s again alone there, he owns a label with beautiful name Songs For Satan. Actually I have no idea why cooperation between S.F.S. and me as a hack began so late. Oh, sorry, I think I shouldn’t call myself like that… Ahahahahahah… Anyways, better later then never, doesn’t it?!?

So in the first, I hope it’ll not be the only one, package from Flavio I got four CD’s of Brazilian bands. As the first goes Necrobiotic as well. This is the band my Metal brother living in the city where two legendary bands on S was born. One of them don’t  exist anymore and second one is own shadow, as we use to say in Poland. Fortunately brothers who found it together with Wagner play old good stuff alive! By the way, Necrobiotic exist since 1994. Well, there was a ten years break between 1998 and 2008. Honestly the first period of existence wasn’t very productive – guys released only one demo then split-up. After Fortunately after reunion situation changed and “Symphonies…” is their fourth full-length.

Album contains nine songs which take more then thirty eight minutes and… Well, I know I should write these words in the last paragraph probably, but do it now! Why? Maybe to ruin structure of typical review or just coz of my craziness. Who knows?!? Anyways, I hate to review albums I love so much! Why? Because I wanna listen to it and listen and listen and… And result is that I, probably unconsciously, somehow never wanna end up writing the review to have some kind of excuse why I still listen to it. So, these who knows me, already know what kind of music is on “Symphonies…” and that they should grab it as quickly as possible! But since there can be someone who don’t do it, I’ll continue writing then with hope they’ll also contact Flavio to buy this, and not only this one, CD!

Everything begins from great, original in my opinion and very well connected with CD’s tittle intro. Then we have nothing more and nothing less then nine tracks of old school Brazilian Death Metal we have to do with. Music is brutal as hell and technically advanced as well. Riffs are of course quite broken and create morbid, brutal melody. They change often enough, too. From time to time some solo is also coming as well. Well, describing music was always something strange for me. Yeah, I know, I’m very strange person indeed and that’s why I somehow love to do it. But this time I think this is a little meaningless… Besides, all know how pure old school Death Metal in mostly middle tempos “look like”, so why the hell I should to loose my energy for describing this?!? Heheheheheehe…  I’ll tell you only that one song is instrumental on here and my the favorite one, even if I love all of them, is a bonus track with romantic tittle “Fuck You”. This is the best song for mosh pit on this album, that’s for sure!!!

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