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Review: Nazxul – Totem

by Aleksandar Saradžić

Nazxul – Totem

1. Totem
2.Watching and Withering
3.I Awaken (Amongst Them)
4. Unearthed
5.Vermis Mysteriis
6. Hatred
7.Endless Reign of Power
8.Distance Begins
9. Admidst the Flames
12.Hymn of a Dying Moon (bonus track)

Label: Séance Records
Release date: September 10th, 2018

It is not my practice to write reviews for an old releases. I’m doing that only in few cases; if release is legendary, if it comes to live again. In Nazxul’s case, they fill in both of that cases. First of all this is very first release of their first album on vinyl format.

After full 23 years masterpiece under the name “Totem” is available on LP format and if you are into black metal, this release is total a must have for you.

First of all, we must bring you close, this entity namely Nazxul. Australia born and bred some of the most violent and extreme acts in metal world. Bands like Vomitor, Nocturnal Graves, Spear Of Longinus and cult-status band SadistikExekution. Among that veterans, Nazxul also dwell. Now for already 26 years this hidden underground gem stands on back of Wraith, Diablore, Balam & Lachlan Mitchell. They kept flame of this band alive in underground black metal circles.

These maniacs gave two full-lenghts, few split releases and few EP’s to metal world and their world is highly appreciated among metalheads all around the world. You can fine Nazxul’s works on every corner of the Earth.

I am writing this review of their first full-length like I aforementioned, cause “Totem” saw the darkness of the world on LP format for the first time in his 24 years of existence.

Australian underground siege Séance Records released it in only 300 copies, so act fast if you want this masterwork.

Music on this release is pure black metal that strikes directly into your bones. Guys made some brilliant riffology on this one.

When whole black metal world still celebrated SadistikExekution’s “We are Death… Fukk You!”, Nazxul came on back doors and presented their vision of pure black art.

Album injected with violently-insane drumming, riffs from the worst hellish pits and maniacaly paranoid vocals. What man can more want from black metal. Every single rule for great metal album were there.

Drums going from mid tempo to furious last beats that are covered with some of the best riffs in whole black metal generally.

Vocals also brings new dimensions of insanity to this material. They are really messed up, going from some madness-infected screams til creepy whisper-like-growl sounds.
And I can’t forget keyboards on this one. They bring creepy and almost haunting atmosphere on whole album.

One more important information for all old-school metalheads. Album also came on tape format with all-over-tape-bodyprint. So act really fast ‘cause it was made only 50 copies.

I would be able to speak you for days about this release, but I will not. If you want to hear how really great black metal sound, act and buy yourself LP or tape of this release, you will not miss this one.

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