Home News Review: NARRENWIND “Ja, Dago” (PAGAN RECORDS)


by Bart Tomaszewski


1. Wiedza
2. Żadza czynów
3. Ja, Piastun
4. Zagadka
5. Tyrfing
6. Ród olbrzymów
7. Dolina śmierci
5. Krew i zimia

Well, even if I knew anything about this band, the fact that this is released by Pagan Rec. would be enough recommendation for me. This label done and do very, very good job for first of all Polish scene. I also never heard any even quite bad stuff signed by it. Anyways, its headquarter is located near to my home-city, what makes me really proud. And actually I could almost end up this review ion here. But I’ll don’t do it surely. One of the reasons is that I just wanna listen to “Ja, Dago” more and more times – since I write about this album, I have wonderful excuse to do this.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I can call Narrenwind a band. This is coz of the fact that Evil plays all instruments here. There’s one more member, Klimorh, but he’s responsible only for vocals. Besides, every of them lives not only in other cities, but other countries, what doesn’t mean they’re not both Polish. By the way, career of this, as for me, more project then a band is short one – it was born in 2018. But Evil, it seems, has a great inspiration. “Ja, Dago” is second full-length and as I know there’s also third one. Hopefully I’ll be able to review it, too. However, musically we have with Black Metal to do here. But, just like in case of Death Metal, this sub-genre of our beloved music has several, sometimes very different faces as well. I mean, the main point of Evil’s creativity is to create a mystique climate. Tempo is slow, bit still that’s impossible to confuse it with anything, it has this demonic element and I can see some dark forest during the listening to “Ja, Dago”. Unfortunately the most of you will never understand lyrics, which as I know are very important in Black Art, coz they’re in Polish. I guess the best way is to do it on evening, when you’re alone and there’re some candles in dark room. But I need to review it, and not only it, so time for such things will come a little later, I think.

By the way, you shouldn’t think that if Narrenwind is existing only something like two year, it has no experience and so on. Both members began their adventure with creating Metal yet in nineties. So, the fact this is quite poor technically (at least in the meaning people automatically connote word “technique” with) is connected with, let’s call it, standards of the genre. I’ll back to this from time to time, for sure. And I know there’s many Metalheads who just love such sounds. They’ll listen to it much often then me.

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