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Review: Mosaic – Cloven Fires

by Daniel Pinheiro

Mosaic – Cloven Fires

1. Cloven Fires
2. Ambrosia

Label: Eisenwald
Date: September 27, 2019

In a more and more technologically advanced and machine-driven World, it seems that more and mnore of us are taking a turn in terms of progress and deciding to stop, think, and voluntarily regress into old ways, ancient traditions of looking and absorbing things, in our little World. People are leaving big towns and settling in small villages, and enjoying the good and real things in life. Music has been a carrier of traditions and folklore since the beginning of time, and Black Metal has always been a means of tranmission for traditions and folklore, that is no surprise and I would not paint the genre in a different colour. A connection to the roots, to the ancient legends and sayings, a perspective of life… a way to create music, with those concepts and ideas in mind. In a way, you can almost taste the times of old… Funny…

As abovementioned, music is a transporter of ideas, feelings and, amongst many others, traditions. Folklore… Ancient cultural folklore. Mosaic. Germany. Black Metal.

Traditions. Legends. Mysticism.

Mosaic works as the vessel through which these old sounds flow, the absorber of power that ignites the Eternal Spark and takes us on a trip to astral sights in which the Being is laid to sleep on a bed of straw, surronded by Shamans and Incense… Music has this abillity: transport the Mind to where the Body is not able to go. Here resides one of music’s finest accomplishements. Yes, all of the aobve might sound a bit exagerated, but Music works a bit that way: crafting channels of expressions. And Mosaic works that way. This is my first time listening to the band, and I had no idea what to expect. That is always good. We tend to go for the bands that have this or that, that look like this, that use this or that artwork, but going into the Music totally unaware of the content, is truly a different experience.

In a way, all I described previously is a soft image of Mosaic’s music, at least the one I was given by it. As stated before, I had no idea how Mosaic sounded until I received this EP to review. The production is cristal clear. You can understand all the instruments and the music crescendos and all. The voice sounds a bit buried beneath the instrumental… but I bloody like it ahahah it gives it an old school feeling. The guitars are pretty melodic and they do not fall into that folkish beaten structure: you feel it has a Folk element, but it is not the sort of danceable element – NO, PLEASE! IT IS NOT!

A two song EP. A two sided vinyl. It almost sounds – almost? – As a ritual chant of some sort. I heard it many times in a row, and it does feel like it is calling out to you, hypnotizing the listener with its melodic approach. “Cloven Fires”, Side A, is more Black Metal, more straight into your face. Grabs you by the neck as soon as the track starts! Violent, yet soothing. Aggressive, however melodic. Fast paced, nonetheless, it holds room for absorbing.

It is short, but it is effective. It will not disapoint the listener. Again, and as stated before: this band was completely unknown to me, therefore I had no ground to support an opinion, rather than the one I would build upon this EP. I have built strong foundations and I hope for a new release in order to, more deeply, dive into this band’s music.

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