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Review: More Human Than Human – Re-Evolution

by Natas Dog

Few years ago I expected the return of the legendary Anesthesia (shame on you if you don’t know who they are) and something started to happen but all of a sudden unexpected change has occured. Vocalist and bass guitarist had to move to Great Britain with his family and the hopes of reuniting Anesthesia are vanished. For now.

No one who has ever been into music can’t stand still and Vučko is no different. Long story short, he has found a drummer and decided to start a duo. Drum and bass with synth back ground are packed into an album called ”Re-Volution”.

Album consists of 14 songs. Although all 14 songs are backed with drums, bass, synth background (as mentioned above) and Vučko’s recognizable vocals with the addition of back vocals I can’t say the album was boring. To be honest, I won’t be putting it into my favorites but it was interesting. Songs are all in similar tempo which causes some kind of monotony and considering the ”lack” of instruments it’s hard to expect diversity. Lyrically, it’s pretty hard on today’s society in general.

Considering it’s made in DIY, overall, the sound is good. Still, there aren’t too many instruments to make it too demanding but it doesn’t really matter. Some backgrounds are a bit too enhanced and I hope it’s a mixing error because it ruins the atmosphere.

As a listener, you don’t feel like the guitar is missing since synths, played by the drummer are a good replacement.

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