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Review: Mgła – Age of Excuse


Mgła – Age of Excuse

1. Age of Excuse I
2. Age of Excuse II
3. Age of Excuse III
4. Age of Excuse IV
5. Age of Excuse V
6. Age of Excuse VI

Label: Northern Heritage Records
Date: September 2, 2019

Polish black metal scene seems to be getting more and more popular lately. The most notable representatives of the Polish black metal scene nowadays are definitely Mgła, who gained a lot of recognition these last few years.

Their popularity skyrocketed in 2015 with release of “Exercises in Futility”, which many critics labeled as one of the best metal albums of the year. Four years later, Mgła decided to grace us with a new album. The record came out rather suddenly with no promotion or any teasers put out for the album, except for the single “Age of Excuse II”.

Despite investing minimal to no effort in promoting a new album, the fans instantly recognized the quality that Mgła brings and caught on rather fast. It looks like the band and the fans have a pretty good mutual understanding, so no teasers were actually necessary. As it was mentioned before how much of a masterpiece “Exercises in Futility” was, the main question is how does this album stand in comparison to it.

First thing that is instantly noticeable is that Mgła to this day haven’t abandoned their tradition of naming tracks in numerical order, so the same case is with this album. The songs work very well as one entity and the flow of the album is very fluid. Each song has a connection to the other ones but they still differ from each other, so it is very easy to differentiate them one from the other. They perfectly deliver the dark atmosphere they made themselves known for and all the songs are very memorable. They contain some of the catchiest black metal riffs I’ve ever heard, not very unlike “Exercises in Futility”. The album starts in a rather weird way with a sound of teeth gnashing, but when the first riff kicks in it can be clearly heard that this will be a classic Mgła record. No unnecessary experimentation, just straightforward Mgła sound every fan got used to. It all forms a quite captivating listening experience.

It can be concluded that this is a natural successor to now monumental “Exercises in Futility”. It is still Mgła delivering what they know best. This is another entry in Mgła’s discography that will please pretty much their every fan, as well as black metal fans in general. It is pretty much what everyone used to know and love about Mgła.

So without wasting any further words, check out this album if you still haven’t and I’ll see you tonight in Klub Močvara for a live celebration of this release!

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