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Review: Metral – L’Ombre du Sang

by Bart Tomaszewski


Metral – L’Ombre du Sang

1. Le Cavalliers de l’Apocalypse
2. Plaisirs Solitaires
3. Mon Am
4. Son His
5. Histoire
6. Le Temps Qui Passe
7. Jalousie
8. Les Enfants de la Misére
9. L’Ombre du Sang

Label: Red Dog
Date: May, 2018

What is your very first connotation with French Riviera (or how it calls in French)? Probably never ending beaches, sun, warm water in the sea and stuff like that. Well, maybe also one of the biggest and the most important movie festival in Europe, cult comedy movies’ series about Saint-Tropez gendarme or, for as huge maniacs as me, some football clubs. But also over there, like everywhere, live Metalheads who decided to create own music. The very first example of that was letter from Sibylle of Witches somewhere in first half of 90’s.

But this is a story for another occasion, I think. About the band, Metral, itself I can’t tell you a lot. To be honest practically nothing coz of lack of information. So let’s go to the meritum and see what Denis, Guy, Loic, Pete and Christian prepared for us this one. Well, just like in case of Carthagods my review of previous stuff is available, hopefully, on the portal of another webzine with who I cooperated couple of years. Anyways, music didn’t change since last album (“Notre Regard”, 2013). This is still Heavy Metal, you can call it also Power, if you wish, and lyrics are still in French. Of course I don’t mean that there’s absolutely any difference. And this is not only about sound or Denis’ way of singing. The new one is more, let’s call it, classic for a genre. There’s also not typical ballad here. Yeah, we can say that “Les Entants de la Misere” is so, but even there you’ll notice some sharp guitars and so on. Actually… Or not! You’ll see by yourselves what solution guys choose (in my opinion, interesting one).

Well, songs are easy-going and melodic, as it should be in this kind of music, but there’s a big element of power, too. They contain all what good tracks in such playing should have, To sum up, this is good album, maybe not some immortal masterpiece, but still very solid one! I’m sure all fans of mentioned above sub-genre of Metal will like it and not regret money spending on this digipack. Oh… I almost forget to tell you a word about art-work. This is very fine and correspondents with the tittle well, I guess.



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