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Review: Metalwings – For All Beyond

by Ivona Bogner

Metalwings – For All Beyond

1. End of the War
2. Secret Town
3. Immortal Metal Wings
4. When We Pray
5. A Wish
6. There’s No Time
7. For All Beyond
8.Realm of Dreams
9. Тъжни Сърца
10.  For All Beyond (orchestral version)
11. Fallen Angel in the Hell
12. Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental)

Date: April 19, 2018
Label: Independent

In past ten years woman are more involved in metal. In the beginning of time (read metal history) woman were mostly singing, there were few female bands (Runaways, Girlschool, Vixen etc), few outstanding careers (Doro, Lita Ford etc). By the time, things were changing. Woman are not only the part of heavy rock or symphonic metal bands. They are not only singing. They growl, they scream, they stand face to face (voice to voice) with their colleagues in other metal genres (Sabine Klassen, Angela Gossow, Rachel Hayzer for example). They write lyrics, they write music, they arrange, manage…

One of female fronted metal bands that attracted my attention in past years is Bulgarian symphonic power metal band Metalwings.

Although the band was formed in 2010, metal world had to wait over than six years to hear what they have to offer. Their first EP “Fallen Angel In The Hell” was released in 2016. 

Our focus is on full length album “For All Beyond” that was released on the 19th of April 2018. The recording started in April 2017. The album is mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio in Ukraine.

It might be atypical, but I will start with videos. The band was focused on natural beauties of their homeland, so it is totally understandable why they choose to film “Crying Of The Sun” from previous EP “Fallen Angel In The Hell” Belogradchik and the next one, “Fallen Angel In The Hell” in Prohodna (The Eyes Of God/God’s Eyes) Cave. They continued tradition at “For All Beyond” and where the video for title song was filmed will be a secret that might be revealed in an interview with the band you will read soon in our magazine. 

Another good side of this album is that is it, compared to EP “Fallen Angel In The Hell”, we have found here more dramatic elements, upgraded creativity and professionalism at higher level.

In global, album could be split in two parts. The first part includes brand new songs while second is more for romantic souls, orchestral and acoustic.

The main Metalwings inspiration was and still remained life itself. 

“End of War” begins with atmospheric intro, slowly adds operatic voice, drumming, whispers. A perfect opener for big shows. Celtic influences are not the past, the band slightly incorporates it in “Secret Town”. Stela’s vocal interpretation in “Immortal Metal Wings” is similar to Tarya Turunen, if not even better.

“When We Pray”, beautiful ballad, piano, flute… Still, as it goes to an end, guitars and drums are delivering energy.

Another piano prelude might trick listener, but strong drum section and great guitar riffs and again beauty of the vocals stands out in “Wish”. 

If we thought Metalwings is all about symphonic metal, than “There’s No Time” will break our hypothesis. The song leans more to hard rock with Celtic influence. 

Epic, emotional, title song “For All Beyond” has strong message. It is emotional, dramatic, epic!

Maybe the strongest one “Realm of Dreams” goes to my favorite direction-power metal! Max Morton spiced the song with pure energy.

From the song number nine, I can say we are entering realm of beauty. Don’t get me wrong, album in global is at high level, but songs “Тъжни Сърца” and orchestral versions of “For All Beyond” and instrumental version of “Fallen Angel” in the Hell are truly masterpiece.

I never believed in metal sung in any other language but English. “Тъжни Сърца” made me change my strong attitude. 

Compared to Metalwings EP “Fallen Angel In The Hell”, album “For All Beyond” is more serious, more complex, more melodic, heavier, powerful, elegant… Everything is bigger here. It seems Metalwings used full potential this time. 

Don’t compare Metalwings with Nightwish, Epica or Within Temptation! They are quite unique if its even possible in metal world, bringing us strong author seal, perfectly combining  of symphonic, gothic and power metal spiced with Celtic influences. Flute, viola, violin, piano perfectly arranged. Everything is perfectly balanced, nothing is over the limits: overbombastic, overdranatic, over…

Nightwish of Balkans are ready for the world stages!

It seems future of metal lies in woman’s hands. Metalwings might be a proof of my theory.

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