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Review: Metal Church – Damned If You Do

by Ivona Bogner

Metal Church – Damned If You Do

1. Damned If You Do
2. The Black Things
3. By The Numbers
4. Revolution Underway
5. Gulotine
6. Rot Away
7. Into the Fold
8. Monkey Finger
9. Out Of Balance
10. The War Electric

Label: Rat Pak
Date: December 7, 2018

After Mike Howe was drawn for time capsule after twenty years, in 2016 Metal Church released masterpiece “XI”. On December 7th, 2018, via Rat Pak, Metal Church released “Damned If You Do”. I bet, every MC fan was curious about twelfth full length album of metal veterans.

If you thought Metal Church was reborn after Howe was back in the band, and there is nothing more to say, you are wrong! This is fresh, full of energy, excellent album, even better than “XI”. Heavy guitars, great melodies, pounding drums, magnificent vocals… It has it all!

The first surprise, at least for me, is new drummer. Legendary Stet Howland (W.A.S.P.) replaced Jeff Plate. Stet′s passion and experience, Mike′s teenage energy, Kurdt Vanderhoof′s impeccable  rhythm and talent for great riffs Unger′s bass skills… What more you need?

Some might say, there is nothing new here. Well, it is! It seems Mike sings bit aggressive, darker, more evil.

Hum, hum, hum…

Let the metal preacher begin!

It seems, this album is typical Metal Church album. It has recognizable style. What is good should not be changed, right? MC always had memorable riffs, good flow, strong lyrics, catchy choruses, energy, and this album holds all those elements. Of course, there are, as always, punk elements incredibly entangled in powerful thrash sound.

It is really hard to write review for great albums. If everything is so well packed, you can not find numerous adjectives to eulogize someones work. If something is good, it is simply as that, no more philosophy. Maybe that is the reason why since this album was published till this review passed seven moths. I have no words to describe how good it is, and on the other hand, it would be absolutely unfair just to pass it assuming everyone knows that behind MC is great quality. Sometimes you just need to let the record speak for itself.

This is a great album and it would be a sin if you pass it. This is must have for your collection. You just have to buy it. Damned if you don’t!




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